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Paper Lanterns and Cotton Candy: Festa della Rificolona 2015

Many centuries ago, in the eve of the Nativity of Virgin Mary, the peasants of Tuscany used to travel to Florence to pay tribute. Wearing their best gowns, they entered the city at night, so they carried big lanterns to light their way. This is the origin of the Festa della Rificolona, a Florentine tradition […]


Oltrarno: A Walk Through Florence’s Artisan Quarter

On the other bank of river Arno, between the Ponte Vecchio and Santo Spirito, lays a neighborhood often overlooked by tourists. Its narrow streets and inviting doors keep one of the best secrets in Florence: the Artisan Quarter. Oltrarno, literally “the other side of the Arno” in Italian, has housed the finest artisan traditions of […]


From Middle Ages to Surrealism: Dalí Meets Dante

At the beginning of the Divine Comedy, Dante is lost and wanders through the forest, haunted by beasts. There he finds Virgil, who takes him in a journey to the depths of hell, then to purgatory and finally to paradise. Dante’s poem made him one of the most famous Florentine figures of history and it […]


Flavours and Colours of the Middle Ages in Tuscany Medieval Reenactment

Volterra AD 1398 is a yearly event that transforms the little town of Volterra, in the province of Pisa, in a medieval village for a whole week. This edition will take place on August 16 and 23. During these two days, a medieval town comes back to life with its performances, events, tradesmen, artisans, musicians, […]


Il Palio di Siena: “Palio is life”

The Sienese have been counting the days for months. The preparations have been going on for a year now, the ten contrade have already been selected for the game and the campo is almost ready. The countdown is nearly over for the most exciting event of the summer in Siena: the August Palio is here. […]


3 ‘castelli’ not to miss in Tuscany

Fairytales are probably a childhood memory for most of us. As a child, who didn’t love listening to those thrilling stories of knights and princesses? Who didn’t want to defeat the evil villain, fight the dragon and become king or queen of the kingdom? In Tuscany, we are lucky that the charm of ancient times […]


Biking through the hills of Fiesole

There are many different ways of discovering Florence. Whether you take a cruise down the Arno river or you decide to take a Segway, you will surely discover something special in each tour. For those who enjoy exercise as much as sightseeing, the bike seems the perfect option to visit every little corner of the city. There are many […]


Music and Cinema at the Estate Fiesolana 2015

Besides being home to Il Salviatino, the Fiesole hills set a stunning location for one of Tuscany’s greatest summer traditions: the Estate Fiesolana. Like every year, the festival is bringing over 30 performances of music, dance, theater and cinema to the Roman Theater. However, the novelty for this 68th edition is the addition of a […]


Il Salviatino’s Summer Music Agenda

There is so much to do, see and visit in Tuscany that it’s easy to get lost in its wonderful scenarios. And it gets busier in the summer! That’s why here at Il Salviatino we’ve put together a summer agenda with our favorite musical events in the region, so you don’t miss on the fun […]


Florence Dance Festival: A Divine Dance

Dante Alighieri was born 750 years ago. Also 150 years ago, Firenze was named the capital of Italy and the Museo Nazionale del Bargello was funded. These three anniversaries are going to be commemorated in the best dance festival in Tuscany: the Florence Dance Festival. The 26th Edition, starting on July 9 and running until […]

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