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Stanford-in-Florence Reunion Tour at Club Salviatino

This June 20-22, 2010, Stanford-in-Florence will celebrate 50 years of its program in Florence.  For about 20 years of its 50 year history, Stanford-in-Florence made its home at Villa il Salviatino.  In honor of that distinguished history, Club Salviatino will be hosting a tour of the renovated villa on June 22, 2010, so that all Stanford University Florence students may once again capture some of the magic of living here.  The Club will also be hosting a cocktail and wine reception for former students of Stanford University and anyone associated with the Stanford-in-Florence program in attendance at the celebration.

I plan to lead the tour of the estate, and considering the fact that so many former Stanford-in-Florence students who have visited here to date use the term “dream” to describe how the resort now feels, I have created a short preview of many of the sites around the villa in the form of a video slide-show set to the Puccini aria, Il Sogno di Doretta, from La Rondine.

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