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Italian tradition. The most special night of the year at Il Salviatino.

Without a doubt, the most special and magical moment of the year is New Year’s Eve.  As we prepare to bid goodbye to the year full of memories, we also await a new beginning filled with unknown excitement.

If we want to start the year with a positive attitude, we should follow New Year’s Eve traditions. Eating lentils before the clock strikes midnight will bring fortune to the New year.  As throwing something old will give us renewed dreams. Let’s not forget about wearing red underwear underneath our best attire.  This will bring us good luck as soon as  the very first minute of 2012.

For this night, our luxury hotel in Florence Il Salviatino has prepared for you a very special event: “L’Epoca Garbata” (Gracious Years) , linked to the package “An Italian Christmas” . This will make your stay at the the hotel very memorable during the holiday season.

“L’Epoca Garbata” (Gracious Years) pays tribute to the period when elegance reigned supreme in Italy

Il Salviatino has taken utmost care in organizing the details of New Year’s Eve celebration. We  have prepared an exquisite dinner menu which includes dishes like Scallops with Jerusalem artichoke, asparagus and red prawn cream; Red mullet and hazelnuts with parsley and candied lemon, anchovy crumble… Last but not least, a desert that unites the essence of Christmas season with gastronomy: Christmas cake pudding with exotic fruits and berries, English vanilla sauce. And Holiday pastries.

Dinner will be accompanied by live music and entertainment to enjoy an extraordinary performance that pays tribute to the period when elegance reigned supreme in Italy.

The Roaring Twenties, ladies wrapped in long evening gowns dancing a wild swing and, for the first time, showing off their sensual legs in a stylish – and sometimes cheeky – way. The noir ambience of the Thirties, when cigarettes were taken out of shiny silver cases and smoked in the dim light.

The cheerful gaze of people dreaming of a brighter future in the Fifties, and wearing the first colorful clothing and prints. That is the essence of “L’Epoca Garbata” (Gracious Years), a performance that underlines the special aspects embodied in the first decades of the 20th century in Italy.

Guests only have to worry about enjoying this very special night. Il Salviatino provides you a unique environment to have an unforgettable start of 2012.

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