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Tuscan Carnival. An unforgettable experience

Costume parades, joyful music, splendorous masks… Those are no more than just a few of the countless details that make Carnival in Tuscany simply magical.

This festivity usually takes place four Sundays before the Shrove Tuesday, in Italian “Martedi Graso”, and it is an event celebrated like no other, specially in Viareggio. A city located at a relatively short distance from Florence.

Begun in February 1873, Viareggio’s Carnival is considered worldwide to be one of the finest celebrations in all Italy, and its biggest assets are definitely the float parades displaying enormous figures made of papier-mâché, alongside 200 people dressed up in full costume.


Each one of those figures take about a year to be built, and there is a lot to it that doesn’t meet the eye. Besides being impressive works of art in the outside, bringing them to live through mechanical movements makes them fairly complex structures.Every year thousands of people from all over the world choose Viareggio as a Carnival destination, and many say the major reason to do so is the opportunity to enjoy the parade and see what theme they come up with each year.Although dressing up in full costume is not strictly required most people choose to do so, while other prefer to keep it simple and just wear a “Burlamacco” mask or put on some fancy make-up. Whatever may the case be, what really matters is enjoying the party atmosphere.Needless to say that no description could ever match the sensation of being there.
Il Salviatino will be keeping at your disposal a special carnival package, valid every weekend from the 4th of February to the 4th of March.

It includes, besides a 2 nights stay in De Luxe Double Room of our luxury hotel in Florence, a trip to Viareggio with Lunch for two. All of this to let you experience Tuscan’s Carnival at its best.

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