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Winter in Florence

Someone who has only experienced Florence in summer, should definitely give this wonderful city another try with a winter weekend break, and have the chance to visit the museums without waiting in line, avoid crowded streets, and get into any restaurant with no need of a reservation.

As many people say the very best of Florence can be experienced in only two days by using the morning to visit monuments and the afternoons shopping in those luxurious designer stores, which will probably be on sales by this time of the year.

Il Duomo, Florence. View from Il Salviatino.

Il Duomo, Florence. View from Il Salviatino.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiori, with it’s magnificent dome built by Filippii Brunelleschi in 1436, should be the starting point as it is known to be the most famous Florentine landmark.

Very close by there is also the Baptistery and the Campanille de Giotto, both worthy of paying a visit. And if there is enough time and courage hike to the top of the bell tower of Giotto.

Art lovers would surely demand an entire week to visit the Uffizi Gallery, seeing a room a day. However, in Winter it is possible to see all the important masterpieces, as the Birth of Venus, in only a few hours as it wont be as crowded as during the other seasons.

Make time to go see Michelangelo’s David, and be sure to stop by the Gothic church of Santa Croce to admire such glorious structure and to find Galileo’s tomb.

If not to buy unique pieces of jewelry, a visit to Ponte Vecchio is absolutely required to enjoy the sunset upon Arno river, which is a breathtaking sight.

In wintery nights there is nothing one can cherish more than the warmth of a suite and for that reason “Il Salviatino” places at your disposal a Unique Suite Winter Promotion, offering you the opportunity to enjoy any of it’s best suites.

Although very different from one-another, each one of those Suites are fully equipped with all the elegance and luxury a 5 star hotel in Florence can grant.

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