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Relax in Florence

Florence is certainly one of the most recognized cities worldwide for its beauty, artistic value and architectural heritage, a place of pilgrimage for art lovers in its purest form. But Florence is also an ideal destination to spend a few days off and enjoy the unique environment the Italian Tuscany has to offer.

The beauty of its streets and squares transmits  real magic. It offers a host of charming places to discover and invites one to stroll down and have an appetizer in its famous taverns along the Arno River, as well as, to enjoy a glass of chianti, the typical red wine in this area.

View from Hotel Il Salviatino in Florence

View from Hotel Il Salviatino in Florence

Furthermore, with the arrival of spring,  Florence is revealed at its best through its gardens. The gardens are in full bloom which can be found along the entire town during this season. An inevitable stop at this point is the Boboli Gardens, located behind the Pitti Palace. It has  a total area of ​​45,000 square meters, which makes it the largest green area of Florence. Here, guests can visit the statue of the Goddess Fortuna or the Neptune Fountain and the beautiful lake that lies within.

The Giardino dell’Iris (Iris Garden) also proves to be an ideal route in the springtime. Symbol of the city of Florence since 1251, the Iris is the real star of this botanical garden which hosts more than 1,500 varieties of this flower. This can be all admired and appreciated together with the stunning views of the entire city.

Finally, to conclude your rest and pleasurable stay, there’s nothing better than to relax completely at the new Spa Il Salviatino, at your 5- star hotel in Florence. It offers a variety of treatments specifically created to balance body and mind in a state of total harmony. The “Relax and enjoy Florence” package is the perfect choice for those wishing to enjoy a massage with vegetable oils and antioxidants or a thousands-years old relaxation technique using the essence of Egyptian jasmine and a touch of mint to recover energy. It also includes a full tasting of Tuscan cuisine enabling guests to enjoy the holiday without having to worry about anything else.

In short, if you are looking for a few days of peace and tranquility, Florence is revealed as the perfect place to enjoy moments of rest and relaxation in a unique space.

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