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“La figura rivelata” (The revealed figure), by Giuseppe Gavazzi.

Through a highly expressive language, rich in primitive instincts, and an interesting dialogue with nature, the environment and own experiences, Giuseppe Gavazzi has brought to life wood  and stone in a particular and unique way. Through the sculpturing of human figures, the Italian artist has managed to transmit and evoke a whole bunch of different feelings and emotions that go from hope to wonder through many others.

La figura rivelata, exhibition's brochure

La figura rivelata, exhibition’s brochure

Giuseppe Gavazzi was born in France but raised by Tuscan progenitors that ended up influencing tremendously his whole work. His constant contact with nature as well as his father’s job (coal miner) provoked on him a special predisposition for wood and stone, as well as an outstanding passion for the tactile and chromatic. His creative pieces are a continuous translation of reality, which is often treated with irony and a touch of innocence.

From such a magical composition arises an inspiring exhibition, “La figura rivelata”(The revealed figure), from the 6th of May to the 31st August: 25 sculptures in wood, bronze and stone crafted in the latest years of the Italian artist’s work. An exhibition held in Fiesole’s Archaeological Area for the 65º Estate Fiesolana. A surprising route round the antique Roman theatre, where one faces large human figures, mainly feminine, isolated or in a group, never in movement, but always dynamic in their interior vitality. All of them willing to transmit aspects that give Gavazzi’s world a human dimension, especially an ethic one combined with a precise sense of every day life, thus, popular.

A captivating exhibition which can be easily combined with a nearby stay at the best luxury hotel in Florence, Il Salviatino, hosting some of the author’s creations. A perfect compound to enjoy Tuscany.

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