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Ponte Vecchio’s lock legend.

Florence is known for being the cradle of the Renaissance. However, amongst all the great pieces of art, emblematic buildings and vivid squares, Tuscany’s capital turns out to be one of the most romantic destinations. Furthermore, we could even say that Florence has a specific place dedicated to love in one of its most famous spots: the Ponte Vecchio.

The beautiful panorama at dusk, the numerous jewellery shops, in love couples passing by…and locks. Yes, locks. The barrier protecting Benvenuto Cellini’s statue in the middle of this bridge is crowded with locks due to a love legend which seems to have travelled around the world. Such legend says that if a couple places a padlock in the Ponte Vecchio and throws away it’s key to the Arno river, their love will be locked and will last forever.

Padlocks in the surroundings of Ponte Vecchio.

Padlocks in the surroundings of Ponte Vecchio.

Consequently, through the years, as Ponte Vecchio was redecorated with thousands of padlocks, Florence proved itself as a highly romantic city. But we all know that love has no barriers. This is why the padlock tradition has extended to the surroundings of Ponte Vecchio, as well as to other Italian cities. Love’s contagious nature cannot be denied.

Whatsoever, the bridge’s health started to concern the local authorities and the removal of many locks took place to prevent the oldest bridge in Europe from suffering further damage. Thus, at the moment, one would have to pay a fine if found locking love at the Ponte Vecchio.

Love can be expressed in many other different ways and with Florence in the background romance arises naturally. With love lock, or without it, Florence awaits you with its romantic aura. An aura that reaches the best 5 star hotel in Florence, Il Salviatino, the perfect setting for a love story.

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