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Celebrating San Lorenzo.

The 10th of August is a special day for Florence. The city celebrates the feast of San Lorenzo, commemorating this saint and martyr and the basilica which received his name, one of the oldest and most important in Florence. For this date, a whole bunch of celebrations will be carried out, like the traditional historical parade through the streets of Florence with memorable stops at Piazza della Signoria and at the Basilica of San Lorenzo.

The Basilica is the key spot of such celebrations. The consignment of the traditional banner called the “Gonfalone” and the ceremony of the “Offer of the Candles” (Offerta dei Ceri) followed by the blessing of the city make good proof of the importance of Saint Lawrence’s festivity for Florence. However, not only religious celebrations will be taking place. The popular and lay celebrations have been preserved until nowadays, some of which imply free distribution of lasagne and watermelon for everyone.


When night time takes over the show begins. The 10th of August coincides with the season of shooting stars. Hundreds of falling stars can be contemplated in Florence’s sky and infinite wishes can thus be made. A shower of meteors which are interpreted as San Lorenzo’s tears, shed every year in the anniversary of his death. A visual spectacle that finds the perfect scenario at Il Salviatino, your five star hotel in Florence, sitting on hillside Fiesole, where a plain clear sky offers an unforgettable show.

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