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A roof with a view.

Florence is probably one of the cities with the most stunning panoramic views that exist. One can climb up to the cathedral’s dome and discover a breathtaking overview of Tuscany’s capital, or hike up to Piazzale Michelangelo and admire a Renaissance beautiful skyline. But if you are a panorama lover and are not afraid of heights, “A roof with a view” brings to you a marvellous experience only possible until the 30th of September.

15 rooftop terraces of hotels or restaurants, a bunch of exclusive viewpoints, open to everybody for a visit, a photograph, a video or a drink. An event willing to broaden horizons (more than ever), offering all possible perspectives of a magical Florence seen from the sky.

Panorama from Il Salviatino.

Panorama from Il Salviatino.

Furthermore, “A roof with a view” transforms itself into a contest as well. Visit astonishing terraces, choose your favourite, take a photo or make a short video, post it on Facebook or Instagram and…you can win a weekend in Florence. For further information you can click here.

A great summer plan that your five star hotel in Florence, Il Salviatino, will be delighted to share with you: its 14th century villa crowning the top of hillside Fiesole will offer you a view hard to forget.

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