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Discovering green areas in Florence.

August high temperatures start to call for refreshing cool corners and peaceful, non-frenetic activities. This is why, if you find yourself in Florence during the summer months we would like to recommend some of the city’s most remarkable green spots.

To start with, one cannot leave Florence without taking a nice slow walk through the Boboli Gardens. In the centre of Florence, behind the Pitti Palace, they are a completely spectacle for all five senses: fountains, varied flora, statutes, and even a museum worth visiting. Some of the first and most familiar formal 16th century Italian gardens.

Boboli gardens.

Boboli gardens.

Il Giardino delle rose will add some colour to your summer days. Less known, but highly original, it is located under Piazzale Michelangelo, which implies impressive panoramic views of Florence. A small but welcoming oasis of flowers in a dreamlike location.

If you’re looking for non- typical gardens, the park at Museo Stibbert will surely satisfy your wishes. A nice English garden full of bizarre objects and historical quotes: a small temple with a colourful ceramic dome, ponds, wild vegetation, an elegant “limonaia” (typical rural building used to recover citrus plants like lemons), or even a neo – egyptian temple floating in the middle of one of the ponds. A very recommendable and picturesque experience.

We cannot leave behind your luxury hotel in Florence, Il Salviatino, which with its private 50,000 square meter park will inevitably fulfil any contact with nature you may be seeking.

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