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The Italian art of the Thirties: beyond the fascism

The Palazzo Strozzi, a building from the 16th century at the heart of Florence, is hosting the art show ‘Anni ’30: Arti in Italia oltre il fascismo’ (The thirties: The arts in Italy beyond the fascism). The exhibition gathers together paintings, sculptures and design objects of a very important moment for Italy from a historical point of view: the years previous to the Second World War, when the strengthening of modernity walked hand in hand with fascism.
The thirties, artistically speaking, wasn’t a period of one single tendency. As the exhibition shows with its varied catalogue, there were many different artistic trends, clashing and struggling all together. Some of them came from different parts of Europe, artistic influences that entered Italy despite the fascist regime, skipping the political barriers like only art can do.

Anni 30 exhibition

At Anni ’30, the visitor can enjoy pictorial and sculptural examples of classicism, expressionism and abstract art inspired in European tendencies, while it is also possible to find artistic works of futurism, an art movement that originated in Italy itself. Apart from the 96 paintings, 17 sculptures and 20 objects of design of the show, there is also room for interactivity: some special areas are meant for the visitor to explore the topics of the exhibition in an interactive way.
If you are thinking on visiting the exhibition, it will be on display at the Palazzo Strozzi until the 27th of January, 2013. From Il Salviatino, your 5 star hotel in Florence, we invite you to discover this important part of Italian History from such a delightful artistic point of view.

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