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My name is… Il Salviatino

When it comes to the luxury hotel industry, Il Salviatino is an Italian reference. But it is always fun to see how some people do not learn its name properly. ‘Il Salviatore’ and ‘Il Salviatuno’ are only some of the names they use to write down when looking for the hotel on the Internet. For this, we are about to explain where Il Salviatino’s name comes from. Would you like to know?

The villa was initially a modest ‘vigna’ (vineyard), far from the image we have of the hotel nowadays. But in the XVth century a family of bankers from Florence, the Baldi, bought it and rebuilt it in a sumptuous way. Later in time, the propriety passed to the also Florentine family, The Salviati, who actually gave its name to the building: Villa Salviatino.

The rest of the story explains how every owner provided a new detail to the house and how it finally became the five stars hotel in Florence we all know. As you can see, Il Salviatino is full of surprises waiting to be revealed. If you want to find your own adventure, you know you can always find us at the top of the Fiesole.


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