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Enjoy a tour of the Piazza dei Ciompi flea market

Heading to the eastern side of the city you will find an entirely different type of market: Piazza dei Ciompi, which houses the city’s daily and permanent flea market. Here you will not only find antique or second hand- furniture but also books, photographs, kitchen items or even clothes that make this venue the ultimate […]


What to do in Florence for New Year’s Eve

Florence is one of the favourite cities in Italy to spend New Year’s Eve, thanks to its varied offer of complimentary entertainment organized in the city center. Two main squares will be the scenarios of the celebration of New Year’s Eve in Florence: The Piazza Pitti and Piazza della Signoria. For the first time in […]


Enjoy New Year’s Eve in Florence

Anyone who decides to spend New Year’s Eve in the capital of Tuscany will find themselves living an amazing experience. Florence is a city full of activities for you to enjoy the last day of 2015. To be part of the ambience surrounding the celebrations of New Year’s Eve you will have to visit the […]


Richard Ginori or the art of creating porcelain

The Richard Ginori porcelain manufactory is a worldwide renowned Florentine institution, founded by Marquis Carlo Ginori in 1735 in the town of Doccia, near Florence. The elegant, handcrafted porcelain goods are shown in museums around the world and have graced the tables of the wealthy and famous. The decorations followed the styles of each era: […]


The Carriage museum, the hidden jewel in the Pitti Palace

If you are visiting Florence this winter you’ll find art in every corner of the city. To prove this key principle we are bringing you today a great example of the aristocratic Firenze society represented in the Carriage museum, housed in the different rooms of the Pitti Palace. Fine examples of five different carriages used […]


Live the magic of Christmas in Florence

Are you willing to spend an unforgettable Christmas in one of the most beautiful cities? Come to Florence! Its Christmas markets and the city lightings will captivate you. This season is wonderful for visiting museums or churches and doing late Christmas shopping, since the city is not so crowded and you won’t have to wait […]


Visiting Florence in Winter

If you’re thinking of visiting Florence this Winter, you’re then having a wonderful idea! We so love the city during such season, as it’s a great opportunity for you to grab your coat, to have a hot cappuccino and to enjoy the most important city spots and monuments during a less crowded period. Also, you’d […]


Italian phrases for your travel

While many people in Italy’s larger cities speak English, you might want to learn some Italian words and phrases before you come visit this beautiful country. This way, you can have a full Italian experience that will make your trip even more pleasant. Do not be afraid to practice your language skills with locals; they […]


Gastro-experience: Il Desco 2015

Taking place in Lucca’s historic center, for four weekends, you can experience a gastronomical delight at Il Desco 2015. This festival gives the opportunity to get into the heart of the province through its native dishes and local products. Il Desco is a showcase dedicated to the typical products of the highest quality and uniqueness. […]


“Off the beaten paths” activities to do in Florence

Florence is one of the most visited cities in the world thanks to its renaissance masterpieces and impressive architecture. After you have visited the artistic and architectural treasures, you should explore these 6 hidden gems in Florence: 1. Armor collection at the Stibbert Museum The Stibbert Museum is indeed a beautiful hidden gem containing some […]

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