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Urban Legend: La Berta

The beautiful city of Florence is famous for its art and history, but beneath the stories of artists, lay tales of spirits and mysteries. Taking advantage of the Halloween mood, today we want to share with you one of the most famous urban legends of our city. Although Santa Maria Maggiore is one of the […]


Florence Biennale 2015

Florence Biennale, one of the most important points of reference for contemporary arts in the world, takes place from October 17th – 25th in Fortezza da Basso. This event, every two years, captivates the city of Florence offering a rich program with conferences, performances, exhibits, and other kinds of opportunities to visitors and artists that […]


Magnificence: The Greatness of Art and Humans

If you’re visiting Florence in October, you might be overwhelmed by the number of exhibitions you’ll find in the city. Don’t worry—it’s easy to get lost. But we’re here to help! Make sure you don’t miss Magnificent, a wonderful installation closing this month.   Magnificent will walk you through a charming story, based on real […]


Modern Art & Religion: Divine Beauty

If you’re in Florence this time of year, you are one lucky pal. You’re avoiding the summer crowds and you’re experiencing just the beginning of autumn, a perfect moment to start crawling into warm closed spaces. Our favorites are bars and museums, and if you prefer the latter, today we bring you one exhibition that […]


Amazing Juxtapositions: Jeff Koons In Florence

For two great artists to coincide in time, a big miracle needs to happen. There are some exceptions to this rule, but wouldn’t it be great if you could just make Andy Warhol meet Da Vinci? Well, thanks to the Comune di Firenze and the organization of Mus.e, now you can enjoy the best of […]


The Prince of Dreams

If you’re visiting Florence this autumn for the first time, you’ll encounter art all around. From the Uffizi Gallery to the Pitti Palace, get ready to be amazed. If you’re not a first-timer, this city can still surprise you. And to prove it this time, the venue we’re bringing you today is a great example […]


Spa in the Times of Grape Harvest

After summer is over, our favorite season begins: autumn. Ok, it does get chilly, but we certainly enjoy our comfy sweaters, lighting the chimney and starting to think about Christmas. If you’re reluctant, we’re here to help you start the season on the right foot! We have added a twist on our spa treatments and […]


Money, Power, Intrigues: The Medici Dynasty Show

They are probably one of the most famous families of all time, one full of mysteries and intrigues. The Medicis ruled in Florence for centuries, but they were particularly strong during the Renaissance. They were powerful, they were rich and they loved the arts. After four popes, numerous rulers and royal weddings, the Medicis became […]


Paper Lanterns and Cotton Candy: Festa della Rificolona 2015

Many centuries ago, in the eve of the Nativity of Virgin Mary, the peasants of Tuscany used to travel to Florence to pay tribute. Wearing their best gowns, they entered the city at night, so they carried big lanterns to light their way. This is the origin of the Festa della Rificolona, a Florentine tradition […]


Oltrarno: A Walk Through Florence’s Artisan Quarter

On the other bank of river Arno, between the Ponte Vecchio and Santo Spirito, lays a neighborhood often overlooked by tourists. Its narrow streets and inviting doors keep one of the best secrets in Florence: the Artisan Quarter. Oltrarno, literally “the other side of the Arno” in Italian, has housed the finest artisan traditions of […]

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