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‘La Traviata’ at the Auditorium al Duomo, Florence.

Venice. March 6th 1853. La Traviata, the Giuseppe Verdi’s opera based upon La Dame aux Camélias by Alexandre Dumas, fils, was experiencing its (disastrous) debut. The public did not like at all the performance and made fun of Violetta, the main role played by soprano, Fanny Salvini-Donatelli. Fortunately, time passed as people’s perception of art […]


Beauty in the Park: Il Salviatino welcomes the summer!

Summer is getting closer. A time to go on holiday, relax and let the sun caress your skin. At Il Salviatino, your 5 stars hotel in Florence, we know that. Therefore we have been thinking about the joy of our guests and we have created a SPA plan in order to prepare you for the […]


Michelangelo: a one day guest at Il Salviatino

He opened his eyes and looked around. The sun was shining and a ray of light illuminated him as he shook his head. He did not recognize anything from the room; nor the chairs or the flowers over the table at his left side, neither the same bed he was lying in. –    Where […]


Festa del Grillo: Will you have good luck this year?

Once again the crickets arrived to Florence to celebrate La Festa del Grillo (The Cricket Festival). Yesterday the Cascine Park welcomed the annual fair where people could buy their toy crickets as well as other souvenirs. The legend said that if the tiny animal ‘chirped’ to you, you would be lucky since then! You may […]


Contributing Editor of Tatler and Events Consultant Extraordinaire Fran Cutler hosts her birthday party at Luxury Tuscan Hotel Il Salviatino

Two weekends ago, April 20th and 21st, contributing Editor of Tatler and Events Consultant extraordinaire Fran Cutler hosted her birthday party at award winning luxury hotel Il Salviatino in Florence. A host of A-list celebrities descended upon Florence to help celebrate Fran’s special day including international supermodel Kate Moss, former model and socialite Jade Jagger, model and designer, Mary […]


You will love Mondays at Il Salviatino

Mondays are normally the most unloved days of the week. The weekend has come to an end and you have to get up early, go to work and start over again. But, from Il Salviatino, your 5 stars hotel in Florence, we propose you to see this day in a completely different way. Why would […]


Shall we dance tango in Florence?

Tango is one of the most sensual music styles of the world. And its dance is one of the most difficult. But all the hours of practice, which you must dedicate to learn the technique right, are nothing but a challenge for the bravest ones. So, for those ones Florence is welcoming the 11th edition […]


Good news from Il Salviatino’s Spa

Chocolate is not only a guilty pleasure, but also a source of health and comfort. Did you know that cocoa contains polyphenols, a chemical substance with antioxidant properties? When you consume some pure, dark piece of chocolate in a way you are contributing to the balance of your organism too! That is why Il Salviatino’s […]


Florence welcomes a new edition of the Vivicittà Half Marathon

Do you like jogging and running? If you do, Florence will be nothing but the perfect place for you. This next Sunday April 7th at 9:30 am an enjoyable, healthy event is taking place in Florence: the Vivicittà Half Marathon. Like every year before, since 1984, Florence will be the track for every runner who […]


Happy Capodanno Fiorentino!

For most of the people from all over the world, a year ends the 31st December and the following one begins the 1st January. Apparently there is nothing more to say about that but, in fact, there is a special custom in Florence that comes straight from the city’s history. We are talking about the […]

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