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Florence Biennale 2015

Florence Biennale, one of the most important points of reference for contemporary arts in the world, takes place from October 17th – 25th in Fortezza da Basso. This event, every two years, captivates the city of Florence offering a rich program with conferences, performances, exhibits, and other kinds of opportunities to visitors and artists that are looking forward to learn and discuss the main themes of art and culture.



Artists from all over the world are coming to Florence to contribute to making this biennale a reference model. This international event features all the main forms of expression for visual arts: from painting and sculpture to mixed media and jewelry art. An international jury is in charge of conferring the “Lorenzo Il Magnifico” International Award to the best artists.

Make sure you don´t miss the opportunity to live and breathe the contemporary art this week in Florence. Buy your tickets, enjoy the free guided tours and after that we will be waiting for you at Il Salviatino.

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Magnificence: The Greatness of Art and Humans

If you’re visiting Florence in October, you might be overwhelmed by the number of exhibitions you’ll find in the city. Don’t worry—it’s easy to get lost. But we’re here to help! Make sure you don’t miss Magnificent, a wonderful installation closing this month.




Magnificent will walk you through a charming story, based on real events that happened in Florence centuries ago, but that it’s still relatable today. The exhibition gives you a chance to experience the city’s art in a different way: combining famous paintings and sculptures, with video art. Andrea Bocelli will guide you through this experience, put together by Felice Limosani. The screenings take place every 30 minutes at the incredible scenario that is the Sala D’Arme in the Palazzo Vecchio.

Remember, you’ve only got until the 31st to experience Magnificent! After that, come and tell us what you thought at Il Salviatino.


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Modern Art & Religion: Divine Beauty

If you’re in Florence this time of year, you are one lucky pal. You’re avoiding the summer crowds and you’re experiencing just the beginning of autumn, a perfect moment to start crawling into warm closed spaces. Our favorites are bars and museums, and if you prefer the latter, today we bring you one exhibition that you won’t want to miss.

Divine Beauty



Divine Beauty: From Van Gogh to Chagall and Fontana will walk you through religious art reinterpreted by the biggest contemporary artists. The exhibition, held at Palazzo Strozzi, reunites artworks by more than 100 Italian and international artists from the mid-19th to mid-20th century. Van Gogh, Millet, Picasso, Ernst and Matisse’s paintings are included in this amazing collection. Their takes on religion, art and the clash between both will amaze you!


Divine Beauty is part of a series of events planned to run alongside the Fifth National Bishops Conference, which will be held in Florence in November and will be attended by Pope Francis. After a day full of art, get a good night sleep at Il Salviatino!

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Amazing Juxtapositions: Jeff Koons In Florence

For two great artists to coincide in time, a big miracle needs to happen. There are some exceptions to this rule, but wouldn’t it be great if you could just make Andy Warhol meet Da Vinci? Well, thanks to the Comune di Firenze and the organization of Mus.e, now you can enjoy the best of the Renaissance together with one of the most celebrated contemporary artists. Several sculptures will be placed together in different parts of the city for you to appreciate the amazing contrast between masters of this art: Jeff Koons vs. Donatello and Michelangelo.

Source: The Huffington Post

Source: The Huffington Post

Between September 26 and December 28, Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria will host the three stunning juxtapositions that comprise the exhibition Jeff Koons In Florence. Gazing Ball (Barbierini Faun) will be at the Room of Lilies at Palazzo Vecchio and will unite the monumental 3-meter sculpture by Koons, with Barbierini Faun, an artwork from the imperial age, probably restored by Bernini around 1632. The most famous David, by Michelangelo, will contrast with Koon’s amazing Pluto and Proserpina in Piazza della Signoria.

Jeff Koons on show in Florence



The exhibition is a game of cross-references, contrasts and comparisons. The ancient and the contemporary establish a dialogue of equals. The hidden meanings and the breathtaking beauty of art will surely amaze you. Afterwards, come and tell us your impressions at Il Salviatino!

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The Prince of Dreams

If you’re visiting Florence this autumn for the first time, you’ll encounter art all around. From the Uffizi Gallery to the Pitti Palace, get ready to be amazed. If you’re not a first-timer, this city can still surprise you. And to prove it this time, the venue we’re bringing you today is a great example of the care that Florence has for its artistic heritage. Anytime between September 15, 2015, and January 31, 2016, make room in your schedule for The Prince of Dreams exhibition.

palazzo vecchio florence il salviatino

Source: Riccardo Cuppini @


The Palazzo Vecchio hosts this wonderful exhibition in its Salone dei Duecento (Hall of the 200). The Medici tapestries will be reunited in Florence for the first time since 1882. Commissioned by the Medicis, these works of art were designed by great artists of the Renaissance like Pontormo and Bronzino. They tell the story of Joseph, one of the main characters of the Old Testament, who was nicknamed “the prince of dreams” because of its ability to interpret dreams. His gift made him get away with prison and, according to the scriptures, he became one of the most influential men in Egypt, serving directly to the Pharaoh.

palazzo vecchio salone dei duecento firenze


In 1882, the King of Italy decided to move part of the collection, a Medici legacy, to Rome. The tapestries haven’t been together since then, so now it’s a great opportunity to admire the beauty of this series in its entirety. If you’re interested in finding out more about art exhibitions, don’t hesitate to ask us—and don’t forget Il Salviatino is a cradle of history and art in its own!

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From Middle Ages to Surrealism: Dalí Meets Dante

At the beginning of the Divine Comedy, Dante is lost and wanders through the forest, haunted by beasts. There he finds Virgil, who takes him in a journey to the depths of hell, then to purgatory and finally to paradise. Dante’s poem made him one of the most famous Florentine figures of history and it was a source of inspiration to many after him. One of them, of course, was Salvador Dalí, the renowned Spanish surrealist artist. Dalí dedicated great part of his artwork to exploring dreams, the grotesque, the mundane and spirituality—for which Dante served as a great inspiration. He even illustrated the whole Divine Comedy and now his artwork can be seen in Florence!



The exhibition organized by the Fondazione Ambrosiana will take place until September 27 at the Galleria delle Carrozze (Palazzo Medici Riccardi). Dalí reinterprets Dante’s journey from a psychoanalytic point of view and portrays the oneiric atmosphere of the Divine Comedy, including his very personal symbols and supernatural figures. But it’s not all seriousness at this exhibition! Children are also welcomed to approach art and history. There are several workshops for them, with special guided tours and activities in which they make their own reinterpretation of the Divine Comedy.

Dalí Meets Dante is open to the public Monday to Sunday, from 10 am to 7 pm. For more details, check out this link.

After following Dante in his journey, come home safe to Il Salviatino, your favorite hotel in Florence!

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Jackson Pollock vs. Michelangelo

At first sight you wouldn’t find any common points between Michelangelo and Jackson Pollock. Both of them were great artists but the style of one has nothing to do with the style of the other. They also lived in completely different times. However, they had something in common: the capacity of creating artworks meant to touch the public’s hearts. Now, in order to commemorate the 450th anniversary of Michelangelo’s death, a special exhibition named La figura della furia (The fury’s figure) will be shown at il Palazzo Vecchio starting on April 15th.

Action painting will face the Renaissance. In addition, the influence of Michelangelo’s works in the young Pollock will be exposed. The event is thought to be a sort of experiment, trying to compare these two geniuses and their respective times.

Soon we will be giving you more details of La figura della furia, but we want this to act as an appetizer. Are you hungry for culture? Florence is your best choice.

Jackson Pollock. Source:

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An approach to ‘Family Matters’ at CCC Strozzina

There is not an absolute definition for the term family. There are only some more or less specific meanings. Perhaps each one of us has its own concept. This ambiguity is the origin of the new exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Culture at Palazzo Strozzi (CCC Strozzina). Through the work of eleven international artists, “Family Matters. Portraits and experiences of family today” explores the evolution of the social and the cultural concepts of ‘family’.

Guy Ben-Ner, Sophie Calle, Jim Campbell, John Clang, Nan Goldin, Courtney KEssel, Ottonella Mocellin , Nicola Pellegrini, Trish Morrisey, Hans Op de Beeck, Chrischa Oswald and Thomas Struth share the personal subjective experiences of each one of them, but join forces in the search of a universal definition of the term.

Family Mattersstarts the 14th March until the 20th July.

Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am. to 8 pm.

Thursdays: 10 am. to 11 pm.

Monday: closed    

When it comes to Il Salviatino, your boutique hotel in Florence, we consider ourselves a big family. So, from our family to yours, we highly recommend you this interesting exhibition.

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Reencountering Michelangelo until the 18th May at Galleria dell’Accademia

Why do we call Michelangelo a genius? Is it because he was an artist in the true sense of the word? Is it because we still feel overcome by the beauty of his works? He was a magnificent artist and his works still impress us indeed, but there is something else. When he passed away in 1564 he left behind an eternal legacy which has inspired new generations of artists until today. Now, in order to commemorate the 450th anniversary of his death, Galleria dell’Accademia and Fratelli Alinari I.D.E.A. S.p.A. have organized ‘Ri-conoscere Michelangeloan exhibition that pays tribute to this remarkable man and shows the renovation of interest in his artworks from the 19th century and on.

The exhibition will focus on three artistic languages; sculpture, painting and photography. First, you will see representations of the artist in a historicist way, with examples from Delacroix, Rodin and the Alinari brothers among others. Some works by Pagano, Finn and Amendola, who attempted to bring back the interest to Michelangelo’s sculpture, will be shown as well. You will be able to find out about his influence in other great artists such as Matisse and, in a final section, they will display some works by Knorr, Sarfati and Youssef Nabil as examples of copies and reproductions of Michelangelo’s works. A whole tribute for a true master.

The ‘mostra’ will be open until the 18th May and the tickets are priced of €11 (standard) and €5,5 (reduced)


Michelangelo in his studio, Eugène Delacroix. Source:

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“Which hat fits me?” Florence ‘covers its head’ until next 18th May.

Hats are something special. In fact, you don’t always have to put one on, unlike a shirt or a pair of shoes. You can do it to protect you from the sun, to feel as elegant as Humphrey Bogart or Marlene Dietrich or just because you find the garment nice.

Whatever your reasons to wear hats are, if you like them and if you live in Florence or will come before the 18th May you may be interested in ‘Il Cappello tra Arte e Stravaganza‘, the monographic exhibition dedicated to the art of hats, during the last century and these first years of 2000’s, featuring some of the greatest Italian and international designers such as Dior, Prada, Paulette or Stephen Jones. 

Where? At La Galleria del Costume

When? Until the 18th May, from Monday to Sunday, 8:15 am. to 4.15 pm.

How much do the tickets cost? €10 and €5 with discounts

Florence will cover its head these months. Will you come to see it by yourself?

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