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Mercantia in Certaldo.

Tuscany will never stop surprising us. No matter where you go, every Tuscan town offers infinite possibilities for us to enjoy. This time, Certaldo’s city hall is preparing the 25th edition of Mercantia, an Italian live show festival with over 100 different events each evening that will be taking place from the 11th to the 15th of July.

Any kind of show that can come to mind is possible in Mercantia: prose, dance, circus, mime, street band, one man show…they magically spring up in Certaldo’s medieval squares, cloisters and parks. A fabulous way to bring together medieval traditions with modern and contemporary ways of expression. The perfect occasion for past and present to fuse in harmony.In this year’s edition, the theme is the fifth element or the collective game. Yes, you have heard well. To the fourth basic elements that make up our universe (earth, fire, water and air) this festival introduces a fifth one without which man would not survive: the game or the collective game. In words of  the artistic director, Alessandro Gigli, “man cannot live without playing.” Thus, we’re all invited to participate and play in this peculiar spectacle.

A festival that revolves around four main key areas: theatre, craftsmanship, contemporary art and the singularity of Certaldo’s medieval borough. Always willing to convert each and every single one of us into main characters, leading us into participating and making part of an enriching collective experience.

Throughout playing, Mercantia is looking forward to draw a smile on our faces, to make us feel part of a great community willing to give our worries a break and simply enjoy Tuscany. A similar objective to that of the best luxury hotel in Florence, Il Salviatino, which aims to make your stay in Tuscany unforgettable at every single level.

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