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A trip to India (without leaving Florence)

Something quite interesting has been happening at the Museo di Storia Naturale, in Florence, since July 4th. Of course, we are talking about Passaggio in India, the opportunity of visiting the Asian giant without going out of town.


Until September 30th several exhibits and shows will be taking place within Florence in order to pay tribute to the Indian culture. Some objects from Angelo de Gubernatis’ (a XIXth century Sanskrit professor) collection are being shown as well as some of the most distinctive pieces of the contemporary Indian cinema.

Passaggio in India

A few of the activities to come, for instance, include a guided visit through the art exhibition at the museum on September 10th, a Kathakali dance show by Elena Padovani on September 7th and the view of the film, Passaggio in India, by David Lean on September 5th.


As you can see you are still on time! So from Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, we encourage you to enjoy this unique chance to get close to a vast country full of magic and mystery.


For more information you can visit:

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Happy Capodanno Fiorentino!

For most of the people from all over the world, a year ends the 31st December and the following one begins the 1st January. Apparently there is nothing more to say about that but, in fact, there is a special custom in Florence that comes straight from the city’s history. We are talking about the Capodanno Fiorentino, celebrated each year on March 25th. Want to know its origin? Let us move back to the past.

The truth is that it was not until 1750 that Florence started to celebrate the New Year’s Day on January 1st. According to the tradition, Florence is devoted to the Virgin Mary and the festivity was set on March because the date was exactly nine month before the birth of Jesus Christ. Centuries went by, but people in Florence kept their tradition. If you are in the city this next week, then you will be able to enjoy the New Year’s arrival again!

By now there are two scheduled events for next Monday 25th: at 3:30 p.m. the Corteo Storico della Repubblica will go with the community authorities to the Basilica della Santissima Annunziata. Later, at 4:15 p.m., a floral tribute will be paid to the Cappella della Sacra effige dell’Annunziata. And by the way, the Palazzo Vecchio will be open all day long. So, from Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, we hope you enjoy the Capodanno and we wish you a happy ‘new’ year!

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Florence: scenario of La Fura dels Baus’ Carmina Burana

For decades Carmina Burana has been one of the most famous Scenic Cantatas in the world. Composed by Carl Orff between 1935 and 1936, the masterpiece includes few of the original texts written among the 11th and the 13th centuries, beautiful poems about life, love, nature and pleasure. In 2009, the Spanish Theatre Company, La Fura dels Baus, created their own rendition of the Cantata, becoming a great success and captivating the enthusiasm of the audience. That’s why it’s thrilling to inform that La Fura’s Carmina Burana is coming to Florence!


The Indian conductor of classical music, Zubin Mehta, will be directing the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino’s Choir and Orchestra while the performing artists join a whole show of lights and colors that will leave the crowd speechless. So, if you’re about to open your mind and go through a fascinating experience, don’t forget going to Il Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, next Friday 8th February at 8.30 pm.

From Il Salviatino, your 5 stars hotel in Florence, we encourage you to enjoy the spectacle and let the art take your breath away.

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The ‘Handmade Chocolate Fair’ is back in town!

Doesn’t anybody like chocolate? Mostly all of us love it! and that’s the reason why it’s sweet to say that Florence will take from February 8th to 17th in its Piazza Santa Maria Novella the 9th edition of the ‘Fiera del Cioccolato Artigianale’.


Some of the activities that will take place in those ten days, from 10 am to 10 pm, will include the work of more than 40 expositors, as well as meetings with chocolate masters, cooking classes for both adults and kids and even free tasting of chocolate and wine which would delight all the visitors!

So if you consider yourself a chocolate lover, from Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, we invite you to come and discover what will be a marvelous fair in this beautiful city.

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Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2012, Florence.

A very special and glamorous night will arrive to the cradle of the Renaissance next 18th of September: Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. A whole evening dedicated to fashion and shopping, with shops open all night long, special events and so much glamour.

On its fourth edition, the VFNO arrives for the first time in Florence loaded with enthusiasm  and good taste. Its focus point will inevitably be in Florence’s fashion triangle: Via Tornabuoni, via della Vigna Nuova e Via degli Strozzi.

However, not everything aims to be glitter and sequins, the VFNO is also social commitment. The money collected during the past editions has served to support urban projects willing to revitalize the host cities. Furthermore, in this year’s edition, the proceeds of sales will go to the earthquake victims of the province of Emilia.

An event willing to make every single one participate and make part of it, not only fashion lovers. With the collaboration of the Comune di Firenze, everyone will get the opportunity to enjoy Florence under a different atmosphere, a magical one. A similar one to the one you may find at Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence.

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Celebrating Rificolona!

Florence has proven itself as a festive city willing to keep its ancient traditions alive through the centuries. The festivity of the Rificolona is a good example of this. Today, 7th of September, if you’re so lucky as to find yourself in Tuscany’s capital you will be able to enjoy one of the most glowing celebrations in the city.

Papier-mâché lanterns tied to the ends of sticks, called rificolone, will illuminate Florence’s streets that turn into the perfect scenario for a joyful parade.

However, maybe one of the most beautiful moments of the “Festival of the Lanterns” is when the celebrations shift to the river Arno where an impressive boat parade is illuminated with a kaleidoscope of coloured lanterns in different shapes and sizes. A cheerful date for Florence with parties in the square and street theatre performances accompanied by delicious traditional cuisine and a colourful procession from Piazza Santa Croce to Piazza Santissima Annunziata.

From Il Salviatino, your five star hotel in Florence, we would like to invite you to come and enjoy Rificolona with us!

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Florence, the jewel of Tuscany

Anyone who has visited Florence knows why it is considered the most authentic and true jewel of Tuscany. Cultural center, historical and artistic heritage of Northern Italy, Florence has all the conditions to enjoy an unparalleled city around the world.

Dubbed as the “city of Stendhal syndrome”, originating from the shock the writer suffered as he witnessed the overwhelming beauty of Santa Croce church, the city’s great historical and artistic heritage makes the Tuscan capital the true cradle of Italian Renaissance. Its historical center was declared World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1982. A visit to the Santa Maria del Fiore Basilica, the Piazza della Signoria and its famous Palazzo Vecchio is a must, and not to mention, the Ponte Vecchio, one of the symbols of the city, must not be missed. We can also visit dozens of museums, such as the Galeria de la Academia, where the famous “David” of Michelangelo is located.

Santa Croce church. Florence is the cradle of Renaissance in Italy.

Santa Croce church, origin of Stendhal syndrome.

Florence is also an enigmatic city that has sheltered all kinds of legends throughout its history. For hundreds of years, Master Brunelleschi kept his secret about how the dome of the Florence cathedral was being sustained, which can be seen practically from anywhere in the city. Florence also houses the tombs of masters such as Michelangelo and the fake tombstone of Galileo Galilei,which was actually buried in a chapel without public access.

Florence not only has artistic heritage but its festivals and popular traditions also make it a unique place in the region. The Maggiolata is one of the most important festivals of the year. It is a celebration to welcome the arrival of spring with dances, parades and a beautiful display of flowers in the city center. If arrival is in June, one can attend the famous event called “Calcio in Costume”, a football match done in medieval style on the feast of San Giovanni, or the Three Kings parade on January 6.

But whatever the travel season may be, Il Salviatino would like guests to enjoy their stay in this luxury hotel in Florence. Whether it is for a romantic getaway or honeymoon, a family time or for relaxation purposes, there is always an option available to make the visit to this city an unforgettable one.

Lastly, exploring Florence requires delving into each of its corners; slowly discovering its myriad of treasures. Relish the full experience in a 5 star hotel in Florence.  It certainly is a feast for the senses.

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