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Live Florence like a true Florentine

A city like Florence, known as the city of Renaissance, frequently seduces the tourists with its countless breathtaking monuments. But for once it would be nice to give the museums a rest, get out of the tourists torrent and enjoy il dolce far niente in the Italian style.

If seeking the pleasure of experiencing Florence like a true Florentine its absolutely mandatory to choose either a trattoria or a osteria – traditional restaurant with typical Tuscan cuisine- instead of going to the usual famous restaurants that generally offer common-international dishes.

Fontana del Nettuno, Florence

Fontana del Nettuno, Florence

The Markets in Florence are charming places to wonder around searching for a particular thing or just getting lost among the unique pieces of history exposed in the stands. Most tourists prefer without a trace of doubt to visit the famous Mercato delle Pulci – yes, the Flea Market- but for a deeper understanding of the Florentine daily life it’s advisable to choose other local markets like San Lorenzo Market, La Fierucolina, or Mercato Centrale.

All over the world Italy is well known for its expertise in Ice-cream making. And true as it is, stepping on Italian soil and leave without tasting a true gelato wouldn’t be fair. In Florence having a gelato as desert or as a treat in a sunny day is very typical, and to do so there are various Ice-cream parlors all over the city, like the Festival del Gelato or Cavini. Creamy consistence, the taste of real fresh fruit, and a mesmerizing variety of flavors… the perfect combination of factors to transform a simple sweet treat in a delicious event.

Italians, or better said humans in general, for some reason find a special joy in what is called “people watching”, which is nothing but simply choosing a bench in a crowded piazza and watching people pass by. Tourists taking pictures, locals rushing to go to work, some clearly in honeymoon mode, while others struggling to get the kids to school.

It is definitely fun to be the tourist, but just for once Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, recommends you to admire Florence through a different perspective. Like a true Florentine.

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Winter in Florence

Someone who has only experienced Florence in summer, should definitely give this wonderful city another try with a winter weekend break, and have the chance to visit the museums without waiting in line, avoid crowded streets, and get into any restaurant with no need of a reservation.

As many people say the very best of Florence can be experienced in only two days by using the morning to visit monuments and the afternoons shopping in those luxurious designer stores, which will probably be on sales by this time of the year.

Il Duomo, Florence. View from Il Salviatino.

Il Duomo, Florence. View from Il Salviatino.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiori, with it’s magnificent dome built by Filippii Brunelleschi in 1436, should be the starting point as it is known to be the most famous Florentine landmark.

Very close by there is also the Baptistery and the Campanille de Giotto, both worthy of paying a visit. And if there is enough time and courage hike to the top of the bell tower of Giotto.

Art lovers would surely demand an entire week to visit the Uffizi Gallery, seeing a room a day. However, in Winter it is possible to see all the important masterpieces, as the Birth of Venus, in only a few hours as it wont be as crowded as during the other seasons.

Make time to go see Michelangelo’s David, and be sure to stop by the Gothic church of Santa Croce to admire such glorious structure and to find Galileo’s tomb.

If not to buy unique pieces of jewelry, a visit to Ponte Vecchio is absolutely required to enjoy the sunset upon Arno river, which is a breathtaking sight.

In wintery nights there is nothing one can cherish more than the warmth of a suite and for that reason “Il Salviatino” places at your disposal a Unique Suite Winter Promotion, offering you the opportunity to enjoy any of it’s best suites.

Although very different from one-another, each one of those Suites are fully equipped with all the elegance and luxury a 5 star hotel in Florence can grant.

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St. Valentine at Il Salviatino, creating everlasting memories

When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s day most people reach for the usual things, like chocolate, flowers and a candle light dinner at home.

But as always Il Salviatino dares you to think bigger, welcoming you and your beloved one with a special Package valid from 11th to 19th of February. May that be a triumphant beginning to what will be an unforgettable romantic getaway.

This year’s St. Valentine Package includes, besides accommodation in De Luxe Room with breakfast “à la carte”, a romantic dinner for two and a 30 minutes couple massage.


Although it will be hard to want to leave the hotel even for a minute, we advise you to do so and explore the city of Florence which is on its own very romantic.

A golden sunset in Ponte Vecchio gazing at Arno river, a sip of Tuscan’s fine wine, and a quick stop in one of the top Florentine Chocolatiers could provide you lovely memories to treasure for a lifetime.

It is said that originally St. Valentine in Italy was celebrated by young lovers in ornamental gardens enjoying music and poetry reading. It could be pleasant to take a few hours of your time to visit Pitti’s Palace and stroll into the Boboli’s Gardens, to have a little taste of what this day could have been like so long ago.

Trusting your fine taste Il Salviatino welcomes you, with a glass of Champagne, to an Aphrodisiac Dinner for two to be served on the February 14th , with a tailored menu created by our Chef Carmine Caló.

As a guest in this 5 star hotel in Florence set your mind on simply enjoying with your Valentine the incomparable environment of Florence, the City of Renaissance.

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Tuscan Carnival. An unforgettable experience

Costume parades, joyful music, splendorous masks… Those are no more than just a few of the countless details that make Carnival in Tuscany simply magical.

This festivity usually takes place four Sundays before the Shrove Tuesday, in Italian “Martedi Graso”, and it is an event celebrated like no other, specially in Viareggio. A city located at a relatively short distance from Florence.

Begun in February 1873, Viareggio’s Carnival is considered worldwide to be one of the finest celebrations in all Italy, and its biggest assets are definitely the float parades displaying enormous figures made of papier-mâché, alongside 200 people dressed up in full costume.


Each one of those figures take about a year to be built, and there is a lot to it that doesn’t meet the eye. Besides being impressive works of art in the outside, bringing them to live through mechanical movements makes them fairly complex structures.Every year thousands of people from all over the world choose Viareggio as a Carnival destination, and many say the major reason to do so is the opportunity to enjoy the parade and see what theme they come up with each year.Although dressing up in full costume is not strictly required most people choose to do so, while other prefer to keep it simple and just wear a “Burlamacco” mask or put on some fancy make-up. Whatever may the case be, what really matters is enjoying the party atmosphere.Needless to say that no description could ever match the sensation of being there.
Il Salviatino will be keeping at your disposal a special carnival package, valid every weekend from the 4th of February to the 4th of March.

It includes, besides a 2 nights stay in De Luxe Double Room of our luxury hotel in Florence, a trip to Viareggio with Lunch for two. All of this to let you experience Tuscan’s Carnival at its best.

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