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The first flowers of the year… in Florence

The arrival of the spring is always remarkable. After the snow melts, the first flowers will blossom and the light will be different. In a Renaissance city surrounded by wide valleys and hills, this process happens even in a more beautiful fashion. A delight for the eyes of the ones who can see it.

From Il Salviatino, your 5 stars hotel in Florence, we want you to be part of this magical experience of rebirth…

…having a drink in a terrace under the Florentine golden dusk

…receiving a massage in our Spa and feeling renewed

…watching from the side of Fiesole’s hill the first lights of morning get to Florence

…and to have that thrill in your heart; a sensation that everything is possible

Because everything is possible!

See you on March!

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Sunday morning hiking on the Fiesole. Do you join us?

A healthy lifestyle is always convenient, and when you can mix health with pleasure the result is not only good for your body, but also for your mind and your spirit. That is the effect the hiking itineraries on the Fiesole hill pursue.

Until Sunday 27th October you can discover the natural and cultural secrets of the Fiesole country in a different way: on foot! Since last April a series of hiking tours has been taking place in here. And now that the cold weather has not arrived yet, you are still on time to go through this unique experience. During this month the itinerary will take you to the old Fiesole to show you its historical and artistic treasures such as St. Dominic, the Badia Fiesolana and the Music School of Fiesole. In addition, as well as walking the ancient routes and seeing the famous villas spread along the hill, you will also be told some stories and anecdotes from the Fiesole’s past. The walk takes three hours from 9am until noon and, although the journey is free, you have to previously book yourself at least two days before the tour. For more information on the booking, you can visit this website: Hiking on the Fiesole hill.


A fun activity in the surrounding area of Il Salviatino, your 5 stars hotel in Florence.   Will you be here to join us? See you in the path!


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David Wurtzel: Tuscany through the eyes of an American.

What is a simple routine for a resident could be something full of mystery for a visitor. Have you ever realized that? When our eyes get used to a place, we start losing the little (and the most important) details; everything turns to be just ‘normal’ and ‘average’. But for a tourist, all is new. This one is the main reason that makes Toscana, paesaggio dell’anima. Lo sguardo di un americano (nel Chianti) an interesting exhibition.

 Displayed at Sala del Basolato, in the Piazza Mino, Fiesole, the artworks show a period of time that goes from 1967 to 2002 and transmit David Wurtzel’s –a New York artist– visions of Tuscany. You can see the exhibition any day until August 30th, from 10 am to 1 pm or from 4 pm to 7 pm. The entrance is free.

 Tuscany is one of the most famous regions in the world, best known for its landscapes. If you want to check how Wurtzel recreated it through his works, you are more than welcome. At Il Salviatino, your 5 stars hotel in Florence, we even encourage you to make your own vision of this unique location.    


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Top places to take pictures in Florence.

Florence and its natural charm, its precious artistic legacy, and the magical aura surrounding it all year long, make it extremely easy to take home with us beautiful memories. However, we all like to secure those mental memories with visual evidence that will help us recreate the lived moments over and over again. For such reason, here you have the top places from which to take some of the best pictures of Florence.

Piazzale Michelangelo is one of them. After a nice hike up through San Niccolo, the panorama is absolutely stunning. Beautiful hillside Fiesole, colourful and perfectly arranged fields reaching magical river Arno and the matchless skyline conformed by the bell tower of Santa Croce, Il Duomo, Il Campanile, Palazzo Vecchio, and the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) speak for themselves.

View of Florence from Il Salviatino.

View of Florence from Il Salviatino.

Continuing the promenade slightly higher up we reach San Miniato al Monte with panoramic views that will inevitably get stuck in our retina. The panorama at dusk turns into a magical experience that, if you’re lucky, will be accompanied by the sound of the chants of the Monks of the church of San Miniato. A well of peace and tranquillity surrounded by the most spectacular picture.

If there is an outstanding construction among Florence skyline that is, with no doubt, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, commonly known as the Duomo. Climbing up the 463 steps that lead to the top of Brunelleschi’s dome will result in a stunning 360º view of everything surrounding Tuscany’s capital.

Last, but not least, we are faced with beautiful hillside village Fiesole surrounded by the colourful Tuscan countryside. A lovely town full of charm that, given its privileged location, offers one of the best views of Florence in its complex. An Etruscan jewel where one may find the best luxury hotel in Florence, Il Salviatino, from which to immortalise the unforgettable moments that one will surely enjoy there.

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Estate Fiesolana.

Summer is already back, which means the perfect occasion to enjoy outdoor activities has finally arrived. And what a better scenario than Florence and its surroundings? More concisely, how about beautiful hillside Fiesole? This charming village in the outskirts of Florence presents the 65º Estate Fiesolana (65th Fiesole Summer), the most antique outdoor festival in Italy with 92 years of  existence (since 1911). Nearly a whole century full of music, dance, cinema and theatre make up the history of this extraordinary event.

Fiesole’s Roman Theatre has been the chosen place to give form to this festival. A 2,000 years old construction in perfect harmony with the beautiful landscape typical of this area. A very important piece for the Italian spectacle throughout the years that from the 20th of June – 27th of July will offer the public unique jazz and classical concerts, brilliant theatre representations and many other leisure activities ready to make you enjoy summer in Tuscany.

Fiesole's Roman Theatre

Fiesole’s Roman Theatre

A firmament of stars amongst whom we may find national and international names  developed into authentic legends like Gilberto Gil  or Dave Holland and Marco Paolini or Toni Servillo. With the contribution of the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, Regione Toscana, Provincia di Firenze and Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, the Estate Fiesolana proves itself as the perfect scenario for art, music, cinema and theatre to show us all its potential and make us enjoy a month full of new and exceptional experiences.

A great holiday that, together with a stay at Il Salviatino, the best luxury hotel in Florence, will be transformed into the dreamed holiday.

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