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Oratorio di Santa Caterina: the first exhibition ever dedicated to Francesco Granacci.

Mannerism was an art period developed during the late Renaissance, known for the elegance of the shapes and the sometimes difficult positions of the figures in paintings as much as in sculptures. You may know art masters from that era such as Giambologna, Cellini or the very Michelangelo. But what about Francesco Granacci? At that time, coinciding with the blossoming of Mannerism, Granacci was a quite important man. He studied with Ghirlandaio, was employed as a frescoes painter by Lorenzo de’Medici and Giorgio Vasari wrote about him in his famous book, Vite.

Francesco Granacci, ‘Assumption of Mary’. Source: Wikimedia Commons

A man like this needed to have an exhibition for his own and that is what the Oratorio di Santa Caterina, in Bagno a Ripoli (in the outskirts of Florence), is doing to honor his memory. For the first time ever, several artworks by Granacci are exclusively shown inside the ‘chiesa’ as well as some works by one of the artists he influenced: Lorenzo Larciani, a.k.a. the Kress Landscapes Master. Two for one. Could it be a better offer?

Lorenzo Larciani, ‘Madonna con il Bambino e San Giovanni’ – Source:

In case you visit Florence between September and January 2014 you can take a look at this beautiful ‘mostra’. The entrance ticket full price is €6; the concessions price is €5 and if you are a student, have children under 14 or just own a Firenze Card you only pay €3. Coming to Florence implies nourishing your mind and your soul with gorgeous landscapes and precious moments. Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, always encourages you to have the time of your life while enjoying all the things a city like ours has to offer to you.

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