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3 ‘castelli’ not to miss in Tuscany

Fairytales are probably a childhood memory for most of us. As a child, who didn’t love listening to those thrilling stories of knights and princesses? Who didn’t want to defeat the evil villain, fight the dragon and become king or queen of the kingdom? In Tuscany, we are lucky that the charm of ancient times still lingers around us. So today, grab your helmet, put on your gowns and prepare to relive some of the most exciting tales—we are visiting three castles that you will not want to miss for anything in the world!

1. Castello di Vincigliata (Fiesole) The Vincigliata Castle has had many owners since its construction in the 10th Century, but it was an English lord, Sir John Temple Leader, who restored it in 1840. There is a legend surrounding the castle, that tells the story of Bianca, the most beautiful lady in town, and Costui, her one true love. However, their families were terrible enemies, so they decided to marry in secret. When he rode to the castle, where she lived, his brothers murdered him to prevent the wedding. Bianca died from a broken heart and it is said that her ghost still lives in the castle, protecting impossible loves.



2. Castello di Verrazzano (Greve in Chianti) Famous for the vineyards that surround it, Castello di Verrazzano is one of the most visited castelli in Tuscany. Built in the 15th Century, the castle was home to the noble Florentine family of Da Verrazzano, from where it inherited its name. The family transformed the castle into a villa, with space for a factory, gardens and the renowned vines that produce Chianti Classico wine. The chapel hosts Ghirlandaio’s Eterno Padre and it is said that traveler Giovanni Da Verrazzano was born here.



3. Castello di Porciano (Stia) The Porciano Castle has spent much of its lifetime in ruins. First owned by the powerful Counts Guidi in the 11th Century, they abandoned it in 1442 and since then, it has passed from owner to owner. Finally, in 1963, the family of the current owner decided to restore it completely. It is one of the few castles in Tuscany that is still used as a private residence and, fun fact, Dante Alighieri stayed in the castle while on his exile from Florence!



You can also have a fairytale experience while staying with us at Il Salviatino, your favorite hotel in Florence. Il Salviatino is also from the 14th Century and hides lovely details that you’ll surely enjoy.

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The scents of Lamole.

It is time to give a break to museum visits and trips and reserve some of our time to  worship those little pleasures that make life great: winning and dining. And what a better place than a small village in the outskirts of Florence? This is the scenario that I Profumi di Lamole (The Scents of Lamole) will be offering this weekend, from the 1st to the 3rd of June in a tiny village in Greve in Chianti. The 11th edition of this event proves Lamole as the capital of good drinking.

An annual event  willing to promote Lamole’s unusual and special vineyards situated at higher altitudes: up to 600 metres above sea level. The extraordinary and delightful fragrances of such wine can be enjoyed in the piazza at Lamole with an opening ceremony today at 5 P.M. awarding an outstanding native, which this year goes to Ernesto Gentili.


Whatsoever, the main character will always be the same one: Lamole’s wine. And in order to honour il Gallo Nero wine, a traditional rite will inaugurate the event: the IX wine ceremony. A rite symbolising the sacred union of Lamole’s wines that are poured in a big bowl all at once. The resulting nectar is bottled but only for it’s symbolic value. Together with the significance of a team work there is the added value of it’s sticker, designed and renewed year after year. Surely, a bottle perfect for collectors.

However, wine will not be the only tasting encounter. Apetite will naturally arise and, in consequence, one will be able to sample local delicacies and Lamole’s naturally organic, fruity, aroma-rich olive oil. An unforgettable weekend surrounded by nature, wine and local tradition which could be perfected with a stay in the best luxury hotel in Florence: Il Salviatino.

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