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Urban Legend: La Berta

The beautiful city of Florence is famous for its art and history, but beneath the stories of artists, lay tales of spirits and mysteries. Taking advantage of the Halloween mood, today we want to share with you one of the most famous urban legends of our city.

Although Santa Maria Maggiore is one of the oldest churches in the city and it’s full of important works of art, that aren’t the main attraction that it offers. This church, built in pietra forte and with no decoration on the outside, has a peculiarity: there is a marble sculpture of a head in a wall.



The legend is that a man accused of witchcraft was being dragged to Piazza Santa Croce to meet his death by being burned alive. As he passed by Santa Maria Maggiore, a friar leaned his head out a small window and advised the soldiers not to give the man a drink as it would prevent him from dying since he had a pact with the Devil. The monk shout “You won’t drink anymore”, to which the enchanted replied “and you won’t take out your head from there anymore”. When he said those words, the monk turned into stone and trapped his head on the side of the church for eternity.



As we are talking about an urban legend, it isn’t certain that it actually happened and there are other theories about the stone head – it could have been even a woman and not a monk-.The head is now known as “La Berta”, it’s about human size and is so high in the wall that you might not notice it unless you look carefully or if someone points you in the right direction.

If you need directions or if you want to know some other urban legends don’t hesitate to ask us at Il Salviatino!

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Il Salviatino celebrates Halloween

Do you know what Samhain is? It is a Gaelic festivity that implies the end of the harvest season, the beginning of the winter and also the beginning of what they called the ‘dark half’ of the year. According to them, every 31st October our world makes contact with the spirit’s world. The former Celtic people use to fear the encounter with evil spirits and they started to wear masks in order to protect themselves. This sounds familiar to you, right? This is actually the root of our current Halloween festival! And in Il Salviatino, your 5 stars hotel in Florence, we definitely want to be a part of this year’s celebration!

Our Chef, Carmine Calò has used all of his expertise (and sorcery!) to design the next Thursday’s Halloween Apericena menu (priced at Euro 35,00 per person, including one drink) that will include the following dishes:

Yellow Pumpkin “Zeppoline”

Yellow Pumpkin Crostini and melted Taleggio

Pumpkin and Sautéed Mushrooms

Yellow Pumpkin Cream and Herring Roe

Stuffed Focaccia with grilled Pumpkin

Bigné stuffed with Pumpkin, fresh Cheese and Rosemary

Yellow Pumpkin Pie with Prawns and Shellfish Sauce

Risotto with Yellow Pumpkin

A taste of Pumpkin Pie

Dracula and Frankenstain may come and try it, so we will be waiting for you as well! Feel free to come as of 7:30 p.m.

As always, we hope you spend a lovely time in our company!


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