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Il Giardino del Gusto inaugurates the summer.

Tomorrow, Friday 21st June, the summer will be officially arrived. Nevertheless, at Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, we cannot wait one more day to welcome it. For that reason we are inviting you to join us today by means of Il Giardino del Gusto, our aperitif from now on dedicated to the ‘sunny season’.

Our chef, Carmine Calò, along with the special collaboration of some of the best enogastronomy producers, will be mixing quality with imagination every each Thursday, from 19 h. to 21 h, in order to create the most delicious and clever plates; a magic spell that your palate may not resist.

While you watch the gorgeous views of Florence, at Il Salviatino’s terrace, you can enjoy the aperitif accompanied with wine (the best ones, selected by our sommelier) for 15 Euros or with cocktail & Champaign, for 20 Euros. Besides, if you say today’s watchword (‘Melodia’) you will be given a cup of wine!

We will be waiting for you, but, in case you cannot come today, do not worry. At SalviatinoAgenda you will find all the information you need for next events and aperitifs. Do not forget Il Salviatino’s doors are always open for you!

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Michelangelo: a one day guest at Il Salviatino

He opened his eyes and looked around. The sun was shining and a ray of light illuminated him as he shook his head. He did not recognize anything from the room; nor the chairs or the flowers over the table at his left side, neither the same bed he was lying in.

-    Where am I – he said out loud – I cannot remember…

He jumped off the bed and walked across the room. It was completely different from everything he had ever seen. The decoration… the organization of the space… it was all strange, but strange in a good way. He gazed through the window and he felt happy to see his hometown; his Florence. Nevertheless, the city seemed to be different too.

He got out of the room and ran along the hallway, looking for anybody who could give him some answers. Finally he saw a young woman and his heart beat fast.

-    Excuse me, Miss – he said with his eyes opened wide – Where am I? Who am I, in fact? I cannot remember. My memories are unclear!

The young woman looked at him tenderly and said:

-    Your name is Michelangelo Buonarroti and you are one of the greatest art masters of history. You are here because you made a deal with God, who, in exchange of all the beauty you left in the world, offered you to come back for one day to your native Florence, to be a guest of the best hotel in town.

-    And so, what is its name? – asked Michelangelo, stunned.

-    Il Salviatino, of course.

And that is the story of a miraculous happening. The story of how Mr. Buonarroti came back to life for one day and delighted Il Salviatino’s crew with its presence.

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Contributing Editor of Tatler and Events Consultant Extraordinaire Fran Cutler hosts her birthday party at Luxury Tuscan Hotel Il Salviatino

Two weekends ago, April 20th and 21st, contributing Editor of Tatler and Events Consultant extraordinaire Fran Cutler hosted her birthday party at award winning luxury hotel Il Salviatino in Florence.

A host of A-list celebrities descended upon Florence to help celebrate Fran’s special day including international supermodel Kate Moss, former model and socialite Jade Jagger, model and designer, Mary Charteris, actress Jaime Winstone and musicians such as Jaime Hince (from The Kills) and Robert Del Naja (singer of Massive Attack). Music was provided by Bobby Gillespie from seminal British rock group ‘Primal Scream’.

In between sipping Champagne and enjoying the views of Florence from the Villa’s terrace and Italian Gardens guests found the time to take to their social media accounts and update their followers on the celebrations. Birthday girl Fran Cutler tweeted: ‘Leaving the @IlSalviatino best hotel in Italy on my birthday weekend xxx’. Whilst her gal pal and fashion model Mary Charteris described her stay as ‘@ilsalviatino The most amazing & accommodating hotel I’ve ever been 2. Thank U 4 the best weekend in Florence

Set within the sloping hills of Fiesole, yet only moments from the city of Florence, Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence and part of the Salviatino Collection, is the Tuscan retreat of choice, offering a unique setting for lovers of the Italian countryside. The villa, which features 45 rooms and suites, captures an elegant 21st century take on its aristocratic past where frescos, rich handcrafted leather and works of art sit alongside the most sophisticated technologies. Il Salviatino also offers guests an on-site spa, wellness centre and fine dining gourmet restaurant.

For further information and to book visit or call +39 055 90411.

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You will love Mondays at Il Salviatino

Mondays are normally the most unloved days of the week. The weekend has come to an end and you have to get up early, go to work and start over again. But, from Il Salviatino, your 5 stars hotel in Florence, we propose you to see this day in a completely different way. Why would you do that? Because Il Salviatino loves Mondays and provides you 50 reasons to like them too!

Let us explain this point: if you are planning to stay 3 nights with us, and one of these nights is a Monday’s, then you will have a 50 percent discount that day. Does it sound good enough? Wake up in one of our comfortable beds, enjoying the stunning views from our location and not feeling sad for the finished weekend, but celebrating the beginning of a new week at Florence! What are you waiting for?

If you want more information about the offer, do not doubt visiting this website:

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Shall we dance tango in Florence?

Tango is one of the most sensual music styles of the world. And its dance is one of the most difficult. But all the hours of practice, which you must dedicate to learn the technique right, are nothing but a challenge for the bravest ones. So, for those ones Florence is welcoming the 11th edition of the international Tango Festival, from the 24th to the 28th April.   

The programme includes ‘Milongas’, with the musical accompaniment of Duo Fuertes-Varnerin and the DJs’ Sergio Chiaverini and SuperSabino, among others, as well as tango lessons given by masters like Gustavo Rosas & Gisela Natoli. As you can imagine, some other well-known artists are taking part in the event: Marco Palladino & Sabrina Garcia, Esteban Moreno & Claudia Codega…

You are still on time to sign up to the festival; you can find all the information on its website. In case you do not have a partner, do not worry! After the signing up you will be able to search for one! Of course, you can enjoy this wonderful opportunity to do some tango, while being hosted at Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence. Dance and have fun!


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Good news from Il Salviatino’s Spa

Chocolate is not only a guilty pleasure, but also a source of health and comfort. Did you know that cocoa contains polyphenols, a chemical substance with antioxidant properties? When you consume some pure, dark piece of chocolate in a way you are contributing to the balance of your organism too! That is why Il Salviatino’s Spa has some good news for you.

1)      Chocolate Scrub Lessons: From now on and for a reasonable price, our guests can take an interesting course on scrub techniques using natural products as cocoa beans, cinnamon and rice. A good opportunity to share a special and relaxing moment.

2)      Chocolate Body Mask: The mix of a melted pure, dark chocolate bar with a cocoa-based body mask cream turns out to be a real ‘bomb’ of wellbeing, relaxation and hydration for your skin and for your whole mind-body structure. Would you like to try it?

These two links will provide you all the information you need in order to enjoy these wonderful offers:

-          Spa Offer Description:

-          Invitation Letter:

Of course, from Il Salviatino, your 5 stars hotel in Florence, we wish only the best for you and for your physical health.

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Il Salviatino: a reference for Tuscan Gastronomy

The wonderful views make even the toughest ones go with the romanticism in Tuscany. But also its gastronomy is a good reason to fall in love with this remarkable Italian region. We all know Olive Oil proprieties for both healthy and exquisite palates and if one pours some of it on Tuscan Bread, the combination will be a total success. When you visit Florence, you can delight yourself with the ‘Bistecca a la Fiorentina’ (Florentine steak) along with a good wine. But most of all, there is a place where you can find the best dishes and even learn to cook them too! You must be wondering: “what place is that?” Doubtlessly the name of that cuisine paradise is: Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence.

Carmine Calò, the Michelin starred chef of Il Salviatino, gives all his best in order to create not the most amazing plates, but a whole culinary experience. The creativity of his, based on the philosophy “ingredients and imagination”, influence Mr. Caló’s will to experiment with tastes, but never forgetting the roots of Tuscan style. Sounds thought provoking huh? Well, if you like this and want to try it, don’t think it twice. At Il Salviatino we will be thrilled to have you!

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Il Salviatino’s cocoa-inspired Easter Package

Chocolate’s the guilty pleasure (and sometimes not so guilty) of the majority of people. Dark, white, with milk, with fruits, accompanied with a good wine… it goes along such easily that your palate is taken to heaven with only one bit, only one taste of it. Now that Easter’s coming, Il Salviatino, your 5 stars hotel in Florence, is about to pay tribute to this god of sensuality and happiness.

We always take advantage of everything we consider beautiful from our surroundings in order to invite you here. Florence is a great city where great things happen. But now we want to share something a little different with you, something special. We are talking about our Easter Package, which this year, as we previously commented, is cocoa-inspired. A delicatessen we offer you to enjoy from March 29th to April 1st.

The package includes, among several other things, two nights in the rooms or suites of your choice, an Easter welcome amenity and fantastic treatments at the Spa. So if you want to spend a great weekend don’t doubt it. At Il Salviatino we’ll host you with open arms! In case you need more information, please call us to +39 055 9041111 or just visit our Website:

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The ‘forever-young’ side of Florence

So many things have been said about the artistic dimension of Florence. Of course, culture is fantastic since it nourishes the soul, but sometimes you need to let go and just have fun. So what else has the city to offer? Besides visiting museums and monuments you can also do lots of activities in order to have a lovely stay.

The Tuscan capital is one of the fashion centers in the world. Therefore releasing your ‘buying self’ could be a good (¿or dangerous?) option. As well as boutiques like Gucci’s and Versace’s, there are some attractive street markets like the Mercato di San Lorenzo, near San Lorenzo’s Church, where you can find cool clothes, specifically for women. Inside of it you can have a walk through the Mercato Centrale, filled with delicious Tuscan gastronomy specialties.

If you start feeling like partying, you should know where to begin the night. You can have a drink at pubs as Fiddler’s Elbow or Mojo, both quite famous in town, and then go dancing to Andromeda, Yab or Central Park, some of the most important clubs in Florence. If you’re hungover the next day, you can recover with some fresh air by going picnic to Le Cascine, the biggest park in Florence.

These are only a few possibilities from the hundred ones between you can choose. But whatever you do, Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, will be there for you.

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The legend of the window always open

While walking around the city center of Florence you will find the Piazza Santissima Annunziata, near the University of Florence. In this wonderful place there are two Patrician palaces. The one on the right is the nowadays known as Budini-Gatta, long before called Palazzo Grifoni.

The Grifoni family lived there for centuries and it s said that one of the Grifoni sons was engaged with a beautiful lady when he parted to the war. The legend tells us that the future wife had been waiting for years to her beloved return. This is the reason why when you look at the second floor you will find a window that is always open, a symbol of the lady waiting for her love to come back.

From Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, we recommend you to discover this love story on this coming holidays and feel the passion of this marvelous city.

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