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Florens 2012: Cultura, qualità della vita

Florens 2012, the International Biennal for Cultural and Landscape Heritage, will take place in Florence from the 3rd until the 11th of November. The peerless historical and cultural heritage of the city makes it the perfect scenario for the event.

The initiative came from the Fondazione Florens in 2010, with a cultural project that from the beginning was both ambitious and successful. In its first edition it gathered 200,000 participants and almost 2000 media reviews in international and national publications, while the 2011 edition was reported as “a case of Florentine excellence” by the European Commission’s report ‘State of the Cities’.


The activities programmed for the following weeks focus on different sectors linked to cultural heritage, industrial creativity and cultural production, from socio-economic and cultural points of view. Florens 2012’s goal is to recognize, sustain and divulge cultural and environmental heritage as values of great importance for human civilization. Amongst other things, they seek to encourage sustainable and cohesive plans of development and create international awareness of the importance of the cultural heritage. Some historical buildings like the palazzo Sacrati Strozzi or the baptistery of Giovanni will be the venue of workshops, conferences and round-table discussions.

From Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, we invite you to attend the promising project of Florens 2012. We also think, like the motif of this year’s edition, that culture is a quality of life.


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