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The Prince of Dreams

If you’re visiting Florence this autumn for the first time, you’ll encounter art all around. From the Uffizi Gallery to the Pitti Palace, get ready to be amazed. If you’re not a first-timer, this city can still surprise you. And to prove it this time, the venue we’re bringing you today is a great example of the care that Florence has for its artistic heritage. Anytime between September 15, 2015, and January 31, 2016, make room in your schedule for The Prince of Dreams exhibition.

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The Palazzo Vecchio hosts this wonderful exhibition in its Salone dei Duecento (Hall of the 200). The Medici tapestries will be reunited in Florence for the first time since 1882. Commissioned by the Medicis, these works of art were designed by great artists of the Renaissance like Pontormo and Bronzino. They tell the story of Joseph, one of the main characters of the Old Testament, who was nicknamed “the prince of dreams” because of its ability to interpret dreams. His gift made him get away with prison and, according to the scriptures, he became one of the most influential men in Egypt, serving directly to the Pharaoh.

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In 1882, the King of Italy decided to move part of the collection, a Medici legacy, to Rome. The tapestries haven’t been together since then, so now it’s a great opportunity to admire the beauty of this series in its entirety. If you’re interested in finding out more about art exhibitions, don’t hesitate to ask us—and don’t forget Il Salviatino is a cradle of history and art in its own!

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Money, Power, Intrigues: The Medici Dynasty Show

They are probably one of the most famous families of all time, one full of mysteries and intrigues. The Medicis ruled in Florence for centuries, but they were particularly strong during the Renaissance. They were powerful, they were rich and they loved the arts. After four popes, numerous rulers and royal weddings, the Medicis became renowned for their sponsorship of the arts and sciences. Their legacy is still visible around Florence and, if you’re so lucky that you’re visiting the city, you can’t miss this show!

The Medici Dynasty Show reviews the family’s history in a flashforward starting with their latest members, the Grand Duke Gian Gastone and his sister, Anna Maria Luisa, at the Palazzo Pitti in 1737. The Duke, who is on his deathbed, can’t forgive his sister for arranging his catastrophic marriage to Anna Maria Franziska of Saxe-Lauenburg. The siblings start to reminisce about their linage and the audience will take the exciting journey with them.

The Medici Dynasty Show

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Don’t miss the opportunity to watch this fantastic recreation of Medieval Florence completely in English. From traditional costumes, to video projections and theatrical performances, the Medicis will come back to life before your eyes! Come to Il Salviatino after and let us know what you thought of The Medici Dynasty Show!

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The Museum of Silver at the Pitti Palace presents the Diafane Passioni exhibition, an Ivory monograph.

There have always been common materials in art, like marble, that have caught almost all of our attention, especially when it comes to sculpture. But there have also been other types of materials shrouded by a mysterious halo, like they had anything to do with magic. Maybe that could be the reason why in Florence, between the XVIth and XVIIth centuries, the Medici family started a collection of ivory artworks, which was a breaking fact, since by that time the first retrospective study on ivory came out.
Now, a few centuries later, The Museum of Silver at the Pitti Palace, in Florence, pays tribute to this ‘passion’ for ivory. Diafane Passioni, Baroque ivories from the European courts, is the name given to the exhibition, which, by means of five different sections, takes the visitor from the XVth century’s carved pieces that Ferdinando I de Medici started to collect to the works of German and Austrian sculptors such as Georg Petel and Balthasar Permoser.

As you pass from one section to another you will discover that the artists challenged themselves to create figures more complicated every time, facing a precious but difficult material to work with. The result is that you will see pieces that seem to have been taken out of a dream or a fairy tale. So, if you want to watch a different kind of art exhibition, do not doubt visiting the Museum of Silver. From Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel at Florence, we believe you will like the experience.

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The legend of Boboli Gardens

The Boboli Gardens are located behind the Pitti Palace, the famous residence of the Medici family.

This mix of nature and art was commissioned by Cosimo I di Medici, Duke of Florence between 1537 and 1574, and the one who set up the well-known Uffizi Gallery.

The Boboli gardens are his present for the beautiful wife, mother of his eleven children. Despite the famed roughness of Cosimo, he really loved his wife naming her the first modern “First Lady”, who even took charge of the city of Florence while Cosimo’s absence.


From Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, we recommend you to visit the Boboli Gardens, a romantic corner of nature in the middle of the city. You will sure fall in love with them.

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