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Saldi: 3 tips for a successful shopping spree

Whether you are a casual shopper or a real fashion victim, saldi (or sales) are the best occasion to purchase those items you’ve been wanting all year. If you’re lucky to be in Florence this time, you will be delighted at Via Tornabuoni, Via della Vigna Nuova or Via del Parione. But we know that the excitement for these opportunities can sometimes make you take the wrong decisions. That’s why here at Il Salviatino, we bring you the 3 essential tips to have a successful shopping spree.

1. Make a list. Even though that fourth bag seemed like a good idea at the store, at the end of the day you’ll probably regret it. Be a wise shopper and make a list of everything that you want to buy. Sticking to it will keep your budget and your wardrobe space under control!

Source: Bergdorf Goodman

Source: Bergdorf Goodman

2. Plan an itinerary—especially if you are abroad. In Florence, Via Tornabuoni and Via della Vigna Nuova are the streets to go if you’re looking for luxury boutiques. It’s important that you know which shops you want to visit and where they are, so you don’t lose valuable time wandering around!

3. Don’t overthink! In saldi season, there is no time to lose. If you are unsure about how that shirt fits you, you probably won’t find it when you come back for it. Remember to pay close attention: before buying any item, make sure that the shop accepts returns. If it does, keep the receipt! This strategy might save you from a terrible shirt purchase.

After a day of saldi, Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, will receive you with open arms!

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