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Spa in the Times of Grape Harvest

After summer is over, our favorite season begins: autumn. Ok, it does get chilly, but we certainly enjoy our comfy sweaters, lighting the chimney and starting to think about Christmas. If you’re reluctant, we’re here to help you start the season on the right foot! We have added a twist on our spa treatments and we’re tailoring them to the time of year, so you get the greatest experience with the most natural products.

That’s why this September, the Vendemmia Treatments are your best bet. As its name suggests, the grape harvest is the star of these treatments, since grape-derived products will make your skin soft and fresh. Tuscany Pleasure Luxury Treatment gets your body scrubbed with wine gel, followed by a moisturizing wine must pack and a relaxing massage. Your face will get cleansed and peeled with wine must gel—afterwards, the massage with hyaluronic acid cream is to die for!

La Spa Il Salviatino, your luxury spa in Florence

On the other hand, the Antioxidant Wine Gel Peel uses a body scrub made of red wine must gel and exfoliating seeds. After a refreshing aromatic shower, a final massage with moisturizing mousse will leave your skin super soft and perfumed, and totally ready for autumn!

Remember to ask for the Tuscany Pleasure Luxury Treatment or the Antioxidant Wine Gel Peel at La Spa Il Salviatino, your relaxing retreat in the hills of Fiesole.

La Spa Il Salviatino, your luxury spa in Florence

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Il Calcio Fiorentino: my dirty little secret

Oh darling, you won’t believe what happened to me here in Florence! You know that we’re staying some days here, at the lovely Il Salviatino, making the most of Steve’s holidays. Everything was going fine until last Sunday 14th, when Steve and I were having a nice walk around the city center; we suddenly saw something that took my breath away.

I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing… many sweaty, strong, wild young men beating and kicking each other in the very Piazza Santa Croce! I went pale at the vision, but somehow I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Steve discovered that it was the celebration of something called ‘Il Calcio Fiorentino’, a kind of ancient tradition there in town.



The thing is that, I don’t know how, but I ended up by liking it. I even found myself getting excited at the event and shouting at the players and routing for the white team! Well, after that we went back at Il Salviatino and we asked the reception team about the game. We were informed about and… well, we became huge fans.

Do you remember that I told you that we were going to go back to Southampton on June 23rd? Well, darling, don’t be waiting for us that day at the airport. We found out that the final match is going to be held on June 24th and we’re definitely not missing it.



I guess that, right now, you must be as shocked as me, after having read this news. I can’t recognize myself, believe me! Anyway, don’t worry darling. After it all ends, I’ll take a nice massage at Il Salviatino’s Spa to recover and find my true self again. But, in the meantime…

Go whites!   


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Well-being, pleasure and peace of mind


Florence is a place where European tradition and contemporary multicultural trends meet; a place to explore new tastes, to discover the precious range of colors of our landscapes, and, certainly, to have a great time. This turns into a whole experience of well-being and pleasure when Il Salviatino gets involved. From the side of Fiesole’s hill, we offer you not only a place to stay, eat and sleep, but also an environment in which you can find peace of mind and relax

This is, in fact, the main purpose of the Spa. You can choose between a wide variety of treatments, including some special ones for men, children and teenagers, in order to let go of stress, to recharge your batteries and to feel renewed

A mind, body and soul balance during some days of Tuscan bliss. When it comes to you all, this is Il Salviatino’s most important objective

Do you want to know more about the Spa’s treatments? Take a look at the menu:




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