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Florence through fiction

Fiction reflects reality in a way we could see things we normally wouldn’t be able to. The stories that take place in Florence or just represent the city give us a different vision of it and all its unnoticed magic and beauty. For that reason, from Il Salviatino, your 5 stars hotel in Florence, we encourage you to discover some of those stories and the authors that made them possible.

As a matter of fact, Tuscany’s been the cradle of many artists and writers. People like Dante Alighieri and Giovanni Boccaccio were born here, and their masterpieces, Divina Commedia and Il Decameron, were made timeless so that they can touch and excite us forever. In addition, books like Under the Tuscan sun are a wonderful invitation for the readers to know a region in which you could even start over.

But when it comes to Florence, there are also some remarkable movies that let us know its citizens, monuments and streets full of life. It’s the case, for example, of Tea with Mussolini, which included an incredible cast and told us a curious story. So if you’re looking for something to do, bet on these works and make room for Florence’s attractive among your dreams.

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Santacroce sull’Arno celebrates its 20th edition of the Amaretto Santacrocese festival

The Amaretto Santacrocese is one of the most popular Christmas sweet gifts in Italy. This delicious festive dessert has as its main ingredient one of the most famous winter nuts, the almonds. Blended with lemon peel, eggs and vaporized sugar, the result is a perfect sweet for the coldest season of the year. Some receipts adds some liqueur and vanilla, but the original ones stay in its humble roots.

Like each year, the Tuscan village of Santacroce sull’Arno commemorates the festivity of Immaculate Conception. This year it will be the 20th festival and it will take place from 8th to 12th of December. It is a perfect opportunity to discover this beautiful and charming Tuscan village located less than 50km from the city of Florence and attend the annual competition of Amaretto santacrocese.

Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, invites you to discover the Christmas Tuscan traditions and taste this delicious XIX century festive dessert.

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Discover a different city: Florence in August

August: holidays, good weather, travelling, no stress, no work and…Florence! Don’t let yourself down if you encounter notices like  “chiuso per ferie” (closed for holidays) and enjoy a different Florence in August, one you will not find any different time of the year.

In Italy, August is the key month to go on for a holiday, which means that many Florentines rush off to the beach and mountain leaving their city and transforming it into a peaceful oasis. Even though it’s hard to witness a decline of tourists in Florence any time of the year, the city exudes a more tranquil and calm atmosphere in general.

With the upcoming of the summer, Tuscany’s capital makes the most of its Mediterranean good climate and sets up a series of different outdoor events to enrich your visit such as concerts, exhibitions and wine tastings. Natural open air spaces turn into stages, scenarios for social encounters, refreshing settings and offer a series of activities only possible under good weather.

Overview of Florence from Il Salviatino.

Overview of Florence from Il Salviatino.

Important buildings and monuments stretch out their schedules up until summer midnight. This is the case for example of beautiful and enigmatic Palazzo Vecchio that, together with its Torre d’Arnolfo stands majestically in Piazza della Signoria. If the day is hot, no alarm. Florence offers a range of different green areas such as lovely parks and gardens that will enable you to enjoy a refreshing promenade amongst Tuscan flora.

Needles to say is that Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, will be waiting for you in August with cool pools, tasteful aperitivi, inviting terraces with breathtaking panoramas, and much more.

Come and discover with us a different Florence in August!

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Il Giardino del buon vino.

In the context of the Estate Fiorentina 2012 (Summer Florence 2012) arises a wonderful project which tries to make the best of pleasures like outdoor activities under good weather and wining and dining. The result: the Giardino del Buon Vino or, what is the same, the Garden of Good Wine. A scenario willing to deepen and divulge the culture of the wine activity, projecting it as the result of human wit and of our capacity of interacting with the environment and its natural resources.

A welcoming place where one can attend photographic exhibitions focused on the techniques used in the wine production, on its history and that of the main Tuscan wine enterprises.  To enrich the experience, one will have the opportunity to attend weekly encounters with winemakers that will happily illustrate the characteristics of their wine, the peculiarities of their production area and the cultivation techniques.


However, not everything starts and ends up only with wine. Suggestive Piazza Demidoff will host many other different small events such as concerts, shows, editorial presentations and poetry reading, etc. An excellent opportunity to enjoy wining along with many other activities in a superb natural environment that, combined with a stay at Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, will make your summer days in Tuscany unique and worth remembering.

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Wednesdays with the Nobile Wine of Montepulciano.

Wining has turned out to be one of Tuscany’s most attractive activities together with art and culture. With the upcoming good weather, the possibilities to enjoy the pleasure of wine tasting in Tuscany expand and we are faced with the perfect plan. For this reason, Tuscany lovers who are also wine lovers, Wednesday is your lucky day. And why is that? Well, because charming Tuscan town Montepulciano has organized an attractive weekly experience by the hand of its most famous local product: the Nobile Wine of Montepulciano.

Every Wednesday up to the end of July, in the prestigious cornice of the Enoteca del Consorzio del Vino Nobile, all wine lovers will have the opportunity to discover history, productive philosophy and characteristics of Montepulciano’s wine. The ideal moment for an encounter between producers and consumers. For next Wednesday 25th of July: wine tastings of Nobile di Montepulciano by MonteMercurio and Tanagatta together with ribollita and extra virgin olive oil. Absolutely tempting!

View of Montepulciano.

View of Montepulciano.

The wining and dining experience in a unique scenario: a medieval and Renaissance hill town at 605m in the Italian province of Siena in southern Tuscany. Famous for its 14th century city  walls, its 1.5km main street, its beautiful Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta or its elegant Palazzo Comunale based on Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio.  These are only a few of the things that hide behind  Wednesdays with the Nobile of Montepulciano: one of the best wines of Italy, local delicacies, medieval beauty and exceptional company.

A great Wednesday that could be magically fulfilled by a matchless stay at Il Salviatino, the best 5 star hotel in Florence. Are you ready?

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Mercantia in Certaldo.

Tuscany will never stop surprising us. No matter where you go, every Tuscan town offers infinite possibilities for us to enjoy. This time, Certaldo’s city hall is preparing the 25th edition of Mercantia, an Italian live show festival with over 100 different events each evening that will be taking place from the 11th to the 15th of July.

Any kind of show that can come to mind is possible in Mercantia: prose, dance, circus, mime, street band, one man show…they magically spring up in Certaldo’s medieval squares, cloisters and parks. A fabulous way to bring together medieval traditions with modern and contemporary ways of expression. The perfect occasion for past and present to fuse in harmony.In this year’s edition, the theme is the fifth element or the collective game. Yes, you have heard well. To the fourth basic elements that make up our universe (earth, fire, water and air) this festival introduces a fifth one without which man would not survive: the game or the collective game. In words of  the artistic director, Alessandro Gigli, “man cannot live without playing.” Thus, we’re all invited to participate and play in this peculiar spectacle.

A festival that revolves around four main key areas: theatre, craftsmanship, contemporary art and the singularity of Certaldo’s medieval borough. Always willing to convert each and every single one of us into main characters, leading us into participating and making part of an enriching collective experience.

Throughout playing, Mercantia is looking forward to draw a smile on our faces, to make us feel part of a great community willing to give our worries a break and simply enjoy Tuscany. A similar objective to that of the best luxury hotel in Florence, Il Salviatino, which aims to make your stay in Tuscany unforgettable at every single level.

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The scents of Lamole.

It is time to give a break to museum visits and trips and reserve some of our time to  worship those little pleasures that make life great: winning and dining. And what a better place than a small village in the outskirts of Florence? This is the scenario that I Profumi di Lamole (The Scents of Lamole) will be offering this weekend, from the 1st to the 3rd of June in a tiny village in Greve in Chianti. The 11th edition of this event proves Lamole as the capital of good drinking.

An annual event  willing to promote Lamole’s unusual and special vineyards situated at higher altitudes: up to 600 metres above sea level. The extraordinary and delightful fragrances of such wine can be enjoyed in the piazza at Lamole with an opening ceremony today at 5 P.M. awarding an outstanding native, which this year goes to Ernesto Gentili.


Whatsoever, the main character will always be the same one: Lamole’s wine. And in order to honour il Gallo Nero wine, a traditional rite will inaugurate the event: the IX wine ceremony. A rite symbolising the sacred union of Lamole’s wines that are poured in a big bowl all at once. The resulting nectar is bottled but only for it’s symbolic value. Together with the significance of a team work there is the added value of it’s sticker, designed and renewed year after year. Surely, a bottle perfect for collectors.

However, wine will not be the only tasting encounter. Apetite will naturally arise and, in consequence, one will be able to sample local delicacies and Lamole’s naturally organic, fruity, aroma-rich olive oil. An unforgettable weekend surrounded by nature, wine and local tradition which could be perfected with a stay in the best luxury hotel in Florence: Il Salviatino.

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Relax in Florence

Florence is certainly one of the most recognized cities worldwide for its beauty, artistic value and architectural heritage, a place of pilgrimage for art lovers in its purest form. But Florence is also an ideal destination to spend a few days off and enjoy the unique environment the Italian Tuscany has to offer.

The beauty of its streets and squares transmits  real magic. It offers a host of charming places to discover and invites one to stroll down and have an appetizer in its famous taverns along the Arno River, as well as, to enjoy a glass of chianti, the typical red wine in this area.

View from Hotel Il Salviatino in Florence

View from Hotel Il Salviatino in Florence

Furthermore, with the arrival of spring,  Florence is revealed at its best through its gardens. The gardens are in full bloom which can be found along the entire town during this season. An inevitable stop at this point is the Boboli Gardens, located behind the Pitti Palace. It has  a total area of ​​45,000 square meters, which makes it the largest green area of Florence. Here, guests can visit the statue of the Goddess Fortuna or the Neptune Fountain and the beautiful lake that lies within.

The Giardino dell’Iris (Iris Garden) also proves to be an ideal route in the springtime. Symbol of the city of Florence since 1251, the Iris is the real star of this botanical garden which hosts more than 1,500 varieties of this flower. This can be all admired and appreciated together with the stunning views of the entire city.

Finally, to conclude your rest and pleasurable stay, there’s nothing better than to relax completely at the new Spa Il Salviatino, at your 5- star hotel in Florence. It offers a variety of treatments specifically created to balance body and mind in a state of total harmony. The “Relax and enjoy Florence” package is the perfect choice for those wishing to enjoy a massage with vegetable oils and antioxidants or a thousands-years old relaxation technique using the essence of Egyptian jasmine and a touch of mint to recover energy. It also includes a full tasting of Tuscan cuisine enabling guests to enjoy the holiday without having to worry about anything else.

In short, if you are looking for a few days of peace and tranquility, Florence is revealed as the perfect place to enjoy moments of rest and relaxation in a unique space.

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Tuscan Carnival. An unforgettable experience

Costume parades, joyful music, splendorous masks… Those are no more than just a few of the countless details that make Carnival in Tuscany simply magical.

This festivity usually takes place four Sundays before the Shrove Tuesday, in Italian “Martedi Graso”, and it is an event celebrated like no other, specially in Viareggio. A city located at a relatively short distance from Florence.

Begun in February 1873, Viareggio’s Carnival is considered worldwide to be one of the finest celebrations in all Italy, and its biggest assets are definitely the float parades displaying enormous figures made of papier-mâché, alongside 200 people dressed up in full costume.


Each one of those figures take about a year to be built, and there is a lot to it that doesn’t meet the eye. Besides being impressive works of art in the outside, bringing them to live through mechanical movements makes them fairly complex structures.Every year thousands of people from all over the world choose Viareggio as a Carnival destination, and many say the major reason to do so is the opportunity to enjoy the parade and see what theme they come up with each year.Although dressing up in full costume is not strictly required most people choose to do so, while other prefer to keep it simple and just wear a “Burlamacco” mask or put on some fancy make-up. Whatever may the case be, what really matters is enjoying the party atmosphere.Needless to say that no description could ever match the sensation of being there.
Il Salviatino will be keeping at your disposal a special carnival package, valid every weekend from the 4th of February to the 4th of March.

It includes, besides a 2 nights stay in De Luxe Double Room of our luxury hotel in Florence, a trip to Viareggio with Lunch for two. All of this to let you experience Tuscan’s Carnival at its best.

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Florence, the jewel of Tuscany

Anyone who has visited Florence knows why it is considered the most authentic and true jewel of Tuscany. Cultural center, historical and artistic heritage of Northern Italy, Florence has all the conditions to enjoy an unparalleled city around the world.

Dubbed as the “city of Stendhal syndrome”, originating from the shock the writer suffered as he witnessed the overwhelming beauty of Santa Croce church, the city’s great historical and artistic heritage makes the Tuscan capital the true cradle of Italian Renaissance. Its historical center was declared World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1982. A visit to the Santa Maria del Fiore Basilica, the Piazza della Signoria and its famous Palazzo Vecchio is a must, and not to mention, the Ponte Vecchio, one of the symbols of the city, must not be missed. We can also visit dozens of museums, such as the Galeria de la Academia, where the famous “David” of Michelangelo is located.

Santa Croce church. Florence is the cradle of Renaissance in Italy.

Santa Croce church, origin of Stendhal syndrome.

Florence is also an enigmatic city that has sheltered all kinds of legends throughout its history. For hundreds of years, Master Brunelleschi kept his secret about how the dome of the Florence cathedral was being sustained, which can be seen practically from anywhere in the city. Florence also houses the tombs of masters such as Michelangelo and the fake tombstone of Galileo Galilei,which was actually buried in a chapel without public access.

Florence not only has artistic heritage but its festivals and popular traditions also make it a unique place in the region. The Maggiolata is one of the most important festivals of the year. It is a celebration to welcome the arrival of spring with dances, parades and a beautiful display of flowers in the city center. If arrival is in June, one can attend the famous event called “Calcio in Costume”, a football match done in medieval style on the feast of San Giovanni, or the Three Kings parade on January 6.

But whatever the travel season may be, Il Salviatino would like guests to enjoy their stay in this luxury hotel in Florence. Whether it is for a romantic getaway or honeymoon, a family time or for relaxation purposes, there is always an option available to make the visit to this city an unforgettable one.

Lastly, exploring Florence requires delving into each of its corners; slowly discovering its myriad of treasures. Relish the full experience in a 5 star hotel in Florence.  It certainly is a feast for the senses.

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