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Top 10 things to do in Florence!

Even if the list of things to do in Florence should be tailor-made according to your interests and preferences, in this selection we have inserted a list of 10 activities that best represent the essence of this city.

The list is useful mainly if you visit Florence for the first time and if you want to have a feel of its artistic soul, but also experience a bit of the local way of living.

  1. Climb either the Duomo or the Campanile di Giotto tohave the city at your feet

  1. Eat at least one Gelato a day and every day from a different ice-cream parlor so at the end of the stay you’ll have your own guide (ask the Service Ambassadors for their suggestions but decide your favorite at the end of your stay)
  1. A visit to the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia (you can’t miss Michelangelo’s David!)

  1. A visit to the brand new Grande Museo del Duomo: a true masterpiece

  1. Spend a couple of hours sipping a glass of wine, nibble on some Tuscan appetizers and watch people passing by in one of the many wine bars of the city center
  1. Get lost in the Oltrarno area to discover the small artisans’ workshops and the true Florentine lifestyle. Stop for a coffee and mingle with locals

  1. A dinner on the terrace at Il Salviatino to enjoy fantastic dishes and the breathtaking views over the city


  1. A boat ride on the Arno with the “renaioli” (elderly gentlemen who repaired some historical wooden boats and now use them to show visitors Florence from a different perspective)


  1. A day tour in the Chianti area to discover its small towns and villages, visit one or two wineries and taste some of the wines that made this region renowned all over the world
  1. Take a day trip to Carrara to learn where all that Carrara marble you’ve seen in the world comes from and visit the marble caves: a lifetime experience



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Events in Florence in March

Discover what to do in Florence during your spring break in March!

The 8th March, for the Festa della Donna (International Day for Women), all the state and civic museums willbe free for the ladies.


At the Stazione Leopolda from the 12th to the 14th all gourmets will delight their palates at TASTE Florence an event dedicated to find the best in flavours and in food lifestyles.


From the 17th to the 24th of March in Piazza Santissima Annunziata you can stop and browse . . . and taste . . . a wide range of local products including cold cuts, cheeses and desserts at the Marzolina event.

On the 19th at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence the long awaited FROM KANDINSKY TO POLLOCK, The Art of the Guggenheim Collections exhibition will be inaugurated and will remain open until 24th of July.

capodanno-fiorentino  You may think that the New Year has come and gone, but not here in Florence when the streets and squares liven up again on 25th March for Capodanno Fiorentino (Florentine New Year) which actually celebrates Annunciazione dell’Arcangelo Gabriele alla Vergine Maria, (the Annunciation) and has become a part of the Florentine tradition for the last 15 years.

Sunday 27th March 2016 all of Italy will celebrate Holy Easter.

The long awaited appointment for Easter in Florence is without a doubt the suggestive Scoppio del Carro (Explosion of the Cart), which takes place on Easter Sunday at (about) 10am in the historic center of Scoppio-604x400Florence. The cart (called “Brindellone”) is ignited by a dove, well actually a clay figure in the shape of a dove, which is sent flying down from the alter Maggiore of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, giving “life” to a spectacular show which every year delights the locals and the visitors.

To finish up the amazing spring experience in Florence, check out our spring offer and let us pamper you at Il Salviatino!



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Biking through the hills of Fiesole

There are many different ways of discovering Florence. Whether you take a cruise down the Arno river or you decide to take a Segway, you will surely discover something special in each tour. For those who enjoy exercise as much as sightseeing, the bike seems the perfect option to visit every little corner of the city.

There are many routes you can take in Florence and its surroundings and especially in Fiesole, where Il Salviatino is located. The website is a useful tool to plan your trip and check the routes that adjust to your level of expertise. Here we bring you some of our favorite self-guided tours, so warm up and get ready to bike!

1. Round trip through the hills.This is a circular way that will take you through breathtaking landscapes, while proving your stamina! It is mostly uphill, so Firenze will lay at your feet. Stunning!

2. Fiesole-Firenze.Our all-time favorite is this one-way trip from Fiesole, through the hills, and to the heart of the city. If you follow instructions correctly, you will end at the Piazza del Duomo and will have the opportunity to bike along the Arno river.



3. The Tuscan countryside.For the bravest, this tour will take them to the heart of the hills of Fiesole. Just beware: it will challenge your legs, so you better be ready to pedal! Unpaved paths are frequent, but the beauty of the landscape will surely make up for it.

After your exercise, you can enjoy a refreshing swim at Il Salviatino pool, your luxury hotel in Florence. You’ll make the most out of your vacation in Italy!

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A wedding… under the Tuscan sun

Getting married is one of the most important steps in anybody’s life. At some point, all of us fantasize about how we’d like our wedding to be…

Some would love to celebrate it in an idyllic island; some dream to have it in a hippy way, and some want their most precious day to take place in Italy for an unique and unforgettable celebration.

From its opening in 2010, more than 30 couples have chosen Il Salviatino as the place to say “Yes, I do”: the Tuscan landscape and the wonderful views of Florence for sure help in making it all an unforgettable experience.


At Il Salviatino we also cherish the memory of all the couples that decided to choose our property to get engaged – it truly is the Perfect Proposal ( place –  and of all those who stayed with us on their honeymoon.

If you’re planning your engagement, to get married or an unforgettable honeymoon with the love of your life, do not look any further, just do it at Il Salviatino.

Wish to get more information? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ms. Sara Orselli, Il Salviatino’s Groups & Events coordinator, at

Share your dreams with us and we’ll help you make them come true


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Museo Nazionale del Bargello: 150 years!

This year Florence celebrates the 150 anniversary of one of its most important museums: il Museo Nazionale del Bargello. Founded in June 1865, this beautiful palazzo hosts many masterpieces by some of the biggest Italian geniuses, including Donatello, Michelangelo and Verrocchio, among others.

Most of the visitors normally praise it for being less crowded than the Uffizi Gallery, for the sculptures and for the building itself, which is worth the visit.

From Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, we advise you that, in case of coming to town soon, don’t miss the chance to drop by il Palazzo Bargello and to be a part of this great celebration.


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The first flowers of the year… in Florence

The arrival of the spring is always remarkable. After the snow melts, the first flowers will blossom and the light will be different. In a Renaissance city surrounded by wide valleys and hills, this process happens even in a more beautiful fashion. A delight for the eyes of the ones who can see it.

From Il Salviatino, your 5 stars hotel in Florence, we want you to be part of this magical experience of rebirth…

…having a drink in a terrace under the Florentine golden dusk

…receiving a massage in our Spa and feeling renewed

…watching from the side of Fiesole’s hill the first lights of morning get to Florence

…and to have that thrill in your heart; a sensation that everything is possible

Because everything is possible!

See you on March!

For more information of our Spring Offer: 


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This Christmas there’s a plan for everyone in Florence

For the sweet teeth
: To have a cup of hot chocolate with a slice of Panettone inside a warm Florentine café

For the fashionistas
: To have a walk across Via de Tornabuoni with some fancy shopping in Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo or Bulgari, among many others

For the music lovers: To enjoy the Christmas Concert, conducted by Federico Maria Sardelli, On December 23rd

For everybody: To spend some days at Il Salviatino and enjoy a complete experience of comfort and 5 stars treatment

There is a plan for everyone in Florence during this festive days. And from Il Salviatino we invite you to be part of it



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Well-being, pleasure and peace of mind


Florence is a place where European tradition and contemporary multicultural trends meet; a place to explore new tastes, to discover the precious range of colors of our landscapes, and, certainly, to have a great time. This turns into a whole experience of well-being and pleasure when Il Salviatino gets involved. From the side of Fiesole’s hill, we offer you not only a place to stay, eat and sleep, but also an environment in which you can find peace of mind and relax

This is, in fact, the main purpose of the Spa. You can choose between a wide variety of treatments, including some special ones for men, children and teenagers, in order to let go of stress, to recharge your batteries and to feel renewed

A mind, body and soul balance during some days of Tuscan bliss. When it comes to you all, this is Il Salviatino’s most important objective

Do you want to know more about the Spa’s treatments? Take a look at the menu:




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Baccus and the birds: wine festivals in Tuscany

According to the myth, when Baccus taught the wine-making process to the men, he told them that, if they drank a little, they would be as happy as birds; in case they drank more, they would start being problematic as lions. And finally, if they drank too much, they would be as silly as a donkey.

From Tuscany, we invite you to follow Baccus’ advice and be happy ‘as a bird’ with the several wine festivals taking place these days in our beautiful region.

20th to 21st and 27th to 28th: ‘Festa dell’uva’ in Grosseto Scansano

25th to 27th: ‘Festa dell’uva’ in the island of Giglio

Until the 30th: ‘The house of Chianti classico’ in Siena

27th to 28th: ‘Bacco Artigiano’ in Rufina

Until October: ‘Giorni del vino’ in Terre di Arezzo

Healthy and delicious, you can always find the perfect moment for a cup of wine. From Il Salviatino, your 5 stars hotel in Florence, we invite you to find yours in Tuscany.

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Pitti Fragance: a commemoration of perfume in Florence

In Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, the German writer Patrick Süskind wrote: “Odors have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will. The persuasive power of an odor cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it”.

Here in Florence we absolutely agree with Mr. Süskind. In fact, such is the importance we give to aromas that we want to invite you to the annual commemoration of perfume art and industry: the new edition of Pitti Fragance.

This year the event is going to be celebrated from September 12th to 14th at la Stazione Leopolda and is going to be divided into two sections; Spring will be dedicated to the youngest brands in the market while Charms will include all the accessories involved with the perfume sphere, like jewellery. Besides, the special exhibition Verba Olent will explore the links between literature and perfume.

So, from Il Salviatino, your 5 stars hotel in Florence, we tell you that, if you want to go through a whole experience of delight, Pitti Fragance is a date for you.

For more information of the event:

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