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Florence welcomes a new edition of the Vivicittà Half Marathon

Do you like jogging and running? If you do, Florence will be nothing but the perfect place for you. This next Sunday April 7th at 9:30 am an enjoyable, healthy event is taking place in Florence: the Vivicittà Half Marathon.

Like every year before, since 1984, Florence will be the track for every runner who wants to join this city’s sporting tradition, conceived by the Unione Italiana sport per tutti (Italian Union Sport for Everybody); a chance to have fun and go with the town’s life while doing some physical exercise.

As usual, there will be three categories of races: The International Agonistic Half Marathon (21,097 km), for which you will need a medical certification in order to participate, The Non Competitive Race (10 km) and the one for the kids, The Tommasino Run (1,5 km).

Registrations will be accepted until tomorrow, April 5th at 7 pm. So you are still in time! And, of course, after all that running you can have a good rest at Il Salviatino, your 5 stars hotel in Florence, where you will always be welcome.

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The ‘forever-young’ side of Florence

So many things have been said about the artistic dimension of Florence. Of course, culture is fantastic since it nourishes the soul, but sometimes you need to let go and just have fun. So what else has the city to offer? Besides visiting museums and monuments you can also do lots of activities in order to have a lovely stay.

The Tuscan capital is one of the fashion centers in the world. Therefore releasing your ‘buying self’ could be a good (¿or dangerous?) option. As well as boutiques like Gucci’s and Versace’s, there are some attractive street markets like the Mercato di San Lorenzo, near San Lorenzo’s Church, where you can find cool clothes, specifically for women. Inside of it you can have a walk through the Mercato Centrale, filled with delicious Tuscan gastronomy specialties.

If you start feeling like partying, you should know where to begin the night. You can have a drink at pubs as Fiddler’s Elbow or Mojo, both quite famous in town, and then go dancing to Andromeda, Yab or Central Park, some of the most important clubs in Florence. If you’re hungover the next day, you can recover with some fresh air by going picnic to Le Cascine, the biggest park in Florence.

These are only a few possibilities from the hundred ones between you can choose. But whatever you do, Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, will be there for you.

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What about giving Florence’s wintertime a try?

Many things change with the weather, from the colors of the landscapes even to some people’s behavior. But that change hasn’t to be a disagreeable one. Although one uses to prefer summer conditions rather than winter’s ones, you can have a nice time any moment of the year. Tuscany’s capital is a clear example of it. Why? It’s quite simple:


-The joy of finding shorter queues after entering to Florence’s magnificent museums and monuments, like the Uffizi Gallery.

-The pleasure of tasting a cup of hot chocolate or smooth coffee and then notice how you start feeling like you’re in heaven, little by little.

-The possibility of go shopping in one of the most glamorous cities in the world and even find sales!

-The chance of go skiing, ice skating or snow-tubing at the Firenze Winter Park! It will remain open until 17th February, so you’re still on time!

-The beauty of some temporary art exhibitions like “A message for you”, dedicated to French photographer, Guy Bourdin, at the Museo Nazionale Alinari Della Fotografia.

-The challenge of using your imagination in order to explore a wonderful city filled with history and unseen nooks.

Whether it’s cold or hot, come what may, at Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, we’re always willing to make you feel good.

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Florence: scenario of La Fura dels Baus’ Carmina Burana

For decades Carmina Burana has been one of the most famous Scenic Cantatas in the world. Composed by Carl Orff between 1935 and 1936, the masterpiece includes few of the original texts written among the 11th and the 13th centuries, beautiful poems about life, love, nature and pleasure. In 2009, the Spanish Theatre Company, La Fura dels Baus, created their own rendition of the Cantata, becoming a great success and captivating the enthusiasm of the audience. That’s why it’s thrilling to inform that La Fura’s Carmina Burana is coming to Florence!


The Indian conductor of classical music, Zubin Mehta, will be directing the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino’s Choir and Orchestra while the performing artists join a whole show of lights and colors that will leave the crowd speechless. So, if you’re about to open your mind and go through a fascinating experience, don’t forget going to Il Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, next Friday 8th February at 8.30 pm.

From Il Salviatino, your 5 stars hotel in Florence, we encourage you to enjoy the spectacle and let the art take your breath away.

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The ‘Handmade Chocolate Fair’ is back in town!

Doesn’t anybody like chocolate? Mostly all of us love it! and that’s the reason why it’s sweet to say that Florence will take from February 8th to 17th in its Piazza Santa Maria Novella the 9th edition of the ‘Fiera del Cioccolato Artigianale’.


Some of the activities that will take place in those ten days, from 10 am to 10 pm, will include the work of more than 40 expositors, as well as meetings with chocolate masters, cooking classes for both adults and kids and even free tasting of chocolate and wine which would delight all the visitors!

So if you consider yourself a chocolate lover, from Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, we invite you to come and discover what will be a marvelous fair in this beautiful city.

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What to do in December in Florence?

Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, propose you some of the mainstream events that are taking place in Florence on the month of December.

The Christmas celebrations are coming and with them the familiar reunions and parties. Florence celebrates its own events to commemorate these special dates, here you may find some examples.

Florence Noel Market: from November 29th the “Stazione Leopolda” hosts this food, crafts and gifts market, most of them of Tuscan origins. You can also visit he Santa Claus house, a really amazing attraction for the little ones.

Hanukkah: from 8th to 16th December. The Jewish celebration takes place in Florence in the Ghetto. Visit the Florence Synagogue and discover this traditional festivities.

Immaculate Conception: 8th of December. In Florence you will find the Fierucolina dell’Immacolata, and art and food fair in Piazza Santissima Annunziata.

Pontevecchio Golf Challenge: 14th – 17th of December. The international golf competition in Florence.

Fierucola: 16th of December. Taking place in Piazza Santo Spirito, the Fierucola is an organic and handmade products fair for local producers. Come to visit it.

Christmas Markets: from middle December you can find the famous Mercato Tedesco di Natale in Piazza Santa Croce.

Christmas Day: 25th December. Visit the Duomo and attend to the midnight mass to celebrate this very important religious party.

New Year’s Eve: 31th December. A New Year’s Eve with Marilyn at Il Salviatino. Discover your luxury hotel in Florence by celebrating the coming of the New Year with us.

So December is very full of events in this marvelous city. Do not miss them and enjoy these Christmas holidays by discovering one of the most magic and creative cities in the world.

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Gallery of Modern Art of Florence

At the Palazzo Pitti you can find the Gallery of Modern Art, with 2000 exhibits displayed along more than 30 rooms of the palazzo’s second floor. These rooms were formerly inhabited by the Lorraine grand-dukes and have been restored in line with the original decoration, so the upholstering and furniture creates the perfect atmosphere for the artworks, many of which belong to the same period. The origin of the collection comes from the Florentine academy in 1748, it was created with the intention of holding the price-winners in the academy’s competition but in the 1922 the paintings were moved to the Palazzo Pitti and it became a national museum.

Tramonto sul mare (Sunset on the Sea), by Giovanni Fattori.

Tramonto sul mare (Sunset on the Sea), by Giovanni Fattori.

From Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, we recommend you to visit the Gallery of Modern Art, a delightful museum that shows that Florence is not only the cradle of the Renaissance, but patron of arts from any time.

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Florens 2012: Cultura, qualità della vita

Florens 2012, the International Biennal for Cultural and Landscape Heritage, will take place in Florence from the 3rd until the 11th of November. The peerless historical and cultural heritage of the city makes it the perfect scenario for the event.

The initiative came from the Fondazione Florens in 2010, with a cultural project that from the beginning was both ambitious and successful. In its first edition it gathered 200,000 participants and almost 2000 media reviews in international and national publications, while the 2011 edition was reported as “a case of Florentine excellence” by the European Commission’s report ‘State of the Cities’.


The activities programmed for the following weeks focus on different sectors linked to cultural heritage, industrial creativity and cultural production, from socio-economic and cultural points of view. Florens 2012’s goal is to recognize, sustain and divulge cultural and environmental heritage as values of great importance for human civilization. Amongst other things, they seek to encourage sustainable and cohesive plans of development and create international awareness of the importance of the cultural heritage. Some historical buildings like the palazzo Sacrati Strozzi or the baptistery of Giovanni will be the venue of workshops, conferences and round-table discussions.

From Il Salviatino, your luxury hotel in Florence, we invite you to attend the promising project of Florens 2012. We also think, like the motif of this year’s edition, that culture is a quality of life.


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The Festival of the White Truffle in San Miniato

On the top of a hill and overlooking the Arno valley there is the small medieval village of San Miniato. In November, this typical Tuscan town hosts once more the “Sagra del Tartufo Bianco”, the most exquisite truffle festival in Italy.

The white truffle is the undisputable king of the festival, the precious ‘oro bianco’ that every year attracts thousands of visitors from all around the world. The picturesque area of San Miniato produces a quarter of Italy’s white truffles, and November is the month when the delicious fungi get to the climax of their ripening. This ‘diamante della terra’ can reach the price of 4000 euro per kilo.

Tartufo copyright Tuscanycious

The main square and the surrounding streets of San Miniato will get full of stalls offering to the visitor wine, cheese and other local products, a gathering of the most traditional flavors of Italy. Moreover, there will be open-air plays, art exhibitions, marching bands, arts and crafts markets and, of course, tastings of the luscious tartufo bianco!

The festival the white truffle will be happening from the second weekend until the last weekend of November. At Il Salviatino, your 5 star hotel in Florence, we recommend you to visit this small town at the heart of Tuscany so you can enjoy one of the highest pleasures Italy can offer to your palate.


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The Italian art of the Thirties: beyond the fascism

The Palazzo Strozzi, a building from the 16th century at the heart of Florence, is hosting the art show ‘Anni ’30: Arti in Italia oltre il fascismo’ (The thirties: The arts in Italy beyond the fascism). The exhibition gathers together paintings, sculptures and design objects of a very important moment for Italy from a historical point of view: the years previous to the Second World War, when the strengthening of modernity walked hand in hand with fascism.
The thirties, artistically speaking, wasn’t a period of one single tendency. As the exhibition shows with its varied catalogue, there were many different artistic trends, clashing and struggling all together. Some of them came from different parts of Europe, artistic influences that entered Italy despite the fascist regime, skipping the political barriers like only art can do.

Anni 30 exhibition

At Anni ’30, the visitor can enjoy pictorial and sculptural examples of classicism, expressionism and abstract art inspired in European tendencies, while it is also possible to find artistic works of futurism, an art movement that originated in Italy itself. Apart from the 96 paintings, 17 sculptures and 20 objects of design of the show, there is also room for interactivity: some special areas are meant for the visitor to explore the topics of the exhibition in an interactive way.
If you are thinking on visiting the exhibition, it will be on display at the Palazzo Strozzi until the 27th of January, 2013. From Il Salviatino, your 5 star hotel in Florence, we invite you to discover this important part of Italian History from such a delightful artistic point of view.

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